New Crispy Colonel Sandwich from KFC

The latest from KFC is something you may have spotted early, but the official launch date for the new Crispy Colonel is Monday, April 23.  The Crispy Colonel is KFC’s counter to the Chick-fil-A competition which has taken a major bite into the chicken business (and burger business for that matter) over recent years.  The Crispy Colonel sandwich is an extra-crispy chicken sandwich with mayonnaise and pickles.  There are three other flavors to choose from in the “Signature Flavor Sandwiches” line-up which we’ve seen featured in past LTO’s: Smoky Mountain BBQ, Nashville Hot, and Georgia Gold honey mustard BBQ.  Thanks to GrubGrade reader Josh for the pics of his local KFC offering the Crispy Colonel early.  The classic, un-sauced Crispy Colonel Sandwich is priced at $3.99 and 50 cents more for a Signature Flavor option.

9 comments on “New Crispy Colonel Sandwich from KFC

  1. Scram says:

    I’ve had the regular Crispy Colonel and Nashville Hot version this past week. They were both very good. It is a thick fillet, and it is definitely crispy and crunchy, more so than any other chicken sandwich out there. It was fresh, hot, and juicy, and the flavor was great. It is a huge improvement over the Zinger from last year. It is my second favorite chicken sandwich now, right after ChickFilA.

  2. Johnnyboy says:

    Great price, can’t wait to eat this as well. I love me some KFC chicken.

  3. M-Logan says:

    KFC cannot whine and cry about other chains eating into their business when they CONSISTENTLY introduce a chicken sandwich then it just goes away weeks or months later. I like chicken sandwiches, so if you want my business, offer one ALL THE TIME, idiots.

  4. BigBelly says:

    50 cents more for the sandwich, but for the combo you have to give up the cookie, and it’s 99 cents more. They screw you just like the baskets.
    That being said, the NH one sounds good, hope they don’t over oil it though.
    Happy to see George Hamilton got the gig back, Reba’s commercials were annoying, and normally I like her

    • StevenP says:

      50 cents more than what for the “sandwich”? and combo is 99 cents more than what? Not following your comparisons here.

      • M-Logan says:

        I think it’s 50 cents more to “flavor” it with one of the 3 sauces. I like it plain, the sauces are like all oil.

  5. Will B. says:

    I had the Smokey Mountain BBQ version of the sandwich with no mayo and I was pretty disappointed in it. The “sauce” ended up being an incredible mess all over the wrapper and on all sides of the bun as well. Also, the coating and bun soaked up enough of it that it started falling apart and while the chicken was pretty decent, it caused it to taste like vaguely BBQish bread for the most part. I’m just going to continue to get the tenders from here on out, as that seems to work out better.

  6. M-Logan says:

    Had the regular today, and it was excellent – and also excellent value with a side, soda and cookie for 5 bucks.

    NOW JUST DON’T CANCEL IT IN A FEW WEEKS and all will be good 🙂

  7. Robert says:

    These are delicious and BIG. And if you want it plain, that $5 fillup is a total steal.

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