Jack in the Box Introduces Jack’s Teriyaki Steak Bowl

Jack in the Box is currently promoting their Teriyaki Bowls, including the new Jack’s Teriyaki Steak Bowl.  In addition to the new steak version, Jack’s Teriyaki Chicken Bowl now has 40% more chicken.

  • Jack’s Teriyaki Bowl – You gotta have bowls to serve teriyaki at a burger place. Lots of bowls. Real, serious bowls. Like Jack’s Teriyaki Bowls. Made with steak or chicken, plus veggies and your choice of white or brown rice. They’re so delicious, makes you wonder why our competitors don’t serve teriyaki. Guess they just don’t have the bowls.

Steak Bowl – 800 calories w/white rice, 680 calories w/brown rice  /  Chicken Bowl – 720 calories w/white rice, 600 calories w/brown rice

One comment on “Jack in the Box Introduces Jack’s Teriyaki Steak Bowl

  1. M-Logan says:

    These were super good years ago – hope it is the same formulation.

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