Dunkin’ Donuts Launches Dunkin’ Go2s Value Menu

Dunkin’ Donuts is promoting its new national value menu called Dunkin’ Go2s.  The Dunkin’ Go2s menu is available all day and features three popular breakfast sandwiches and three price points:

  • Two Egg & Cheese Wake-up Wraps for $2
  • Two Egg & Cheese Sandwiches on English Muffins for $3
  • Two Egg, Cheese & Bacon Croissant Sandwiches for $5

Also worth a mention is that Dunkin’ Donuts is hosting a special nationwide Cold Brew tasting  where you can get a free 3.5 ounce sample of Dunkin’ Cold Brew. Available at participating locations on Friday, April 6th from 10am-2pm.

4 comments on “Dunkin’ Donuts Launches Dunkin’ Go2s Value Menu

  1. Johhnyboy says:

    They could make these better by adding sausage patty as an option for the sandwiches for $3, who eats a egg and cheese sandwich besides a small percentage of the people?

    • barnaby says:

      Tons of people that want a quick and hearty handheld breakfast with their coffee.
      I suppose some people need several layers of fat loaded onto everything they eat, coincidentally those are also the cheapest ingredients & toppings, and so it just works out that since these people are also generally lazy and lower income – they get targeted by the cheap food deals. But normal people who can still walk up the stairs without breathing heavily actually do exist, believe it or not, so quit yer complaining and just go stuff your face at the Speedway roller grill. You get like 2 lbs of food for $2 depending on how much of the free condiments you pile on whatever you put in the bun.

      • Johnnyboy says:

        I was only complaining about Dunkin Donuts being cheap with their specials. Sure I can go to 7-Eleven and get 2 Big Bites for $2 and put all the free nacho cheese and chili I want on the bun, or in my mouth, but what are you trying to say? Why eat here for egg and cheese when you can make it at home?

        McDonald’s, Burger King, etc all have better breakfast specials than Dunkin’.

        Some people prefer a sausage patty instead of bacon!

        • barnaby says:

          “”I was only complaining about Dunkin Donuts being cheap with their specials.””
          No, you asked who eats an egg & cheese sandwich.
          “”Why eat here for egg and cheese when you can make it at home?””
          LOL… I see, you won’t eat there because you can make an egg and cheese, but can’t figure out a sausage patty? No wonder you fast food 2-3x a day.

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