Cajun Wings are Back for a Limited Time at Popeyes

For a limited time, Popeyes is promoting Cajun Wings . Get six Cajun Wings and Buttermilk Dressing for $3.99.  

15 comments on “Cajun Wings are Back for a Limited Time at Popeyes

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    Finally some good news! This is a finger lickin’ great deal, 6 wings for $3.99? I am getting this on Friday! Can’t wait, been a minute since I been to Popeye’s.

  2. MP says:

    So, actually, 3 wings (cut into halves as wingettes or wing-dings or whatever) for $4?
    This is weird because Popeye’s sells actual wings, and calls them ‘wings’ on the menu, yet there’s nothing to imply that for this promotion you’re actually getting 3 wings cut into smaller pieces.
    The promo is totally deceptive – they also have a 3-wing snack box, it’s 3 actual wings. That absolutely implies to any reasonable person that a 6-wing box would come with 6 actual wings.

    • Gi Han says:

      Is there a fast food restaurant that sells actual wing and drumette as one wing

      • MP says:

        Yes, all fast food restaurants that serve chicken. KFC, Church’s, Lee’s, Bojangles, etc.
        Also Popeye’s.
        And that’s the point – Popeye’s is for some reason in this promotion calling these things “chicken wings”, while elsewhere on their menu the “chicken wing” is an actual wing. That’s the only reason it’s deceptive. You’d think you’re going to get 6 wings here but what you actually get is 3 wings broken down into smaller pieces.

  3. Fast food eater says:

    Don’t Waste your time. I Bought the wings they were the smallest wings that you ever wanted to see. I threw 399 right down the toilet. I could have went to Burger King got 10 piece spicy chicken nuggets and a single burger. It’s a disgrace a chicken fast food Restaurant puts out this kind of crap. It takes two of their wings to make a Wingstop wing.

  4. Wat Makes Zero Sense says:

    Michael Creech is the best

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