Arby’s Brings Back Bourbon BBQ Sandwiches

Late last summer, Arby’s introduced Bourbon BBQ Sandwiches (I reviewed the Bourbon BBQ Brisket) and they’re back for a limited time only.  This time around, there’s one newcomer, the Bourbon BBQ Chicken Sandwich (turkey has been replaced).  The featured ingredient in this sandwich line-up is Kentucky bourbon BBQ sauce.  Here’s the complete list of options:

  • Bourbon BBQ Brisket – Barrel-aged Kentucky bourbon in the barbecue sauce, bacon that gets brown sugared each morning, and brisket that’s smoked for 13 hours. Throw in some smoked cheddar and crispy onions and you’ve got yourself Arby’s most time-consuming sandwich.  720 calories, 39 grams of fat
  • Bourbon BBQ Steak – This isn’t your typical sandwich from Arby’s. This one features USDA-choice Angus Steak, brown sugar bacon, smoked cheddar, and crispy onions. All topped with a Kentucky bourbon barbecue sauce.  610 calories, 26 grams of fat
  • Bourbon BBQ Triple Stack – Arby’s newest humongous sandwich features a barrel-aged Kentucky bourbon barbecue sauce on top of 13-hour smoked brisket, USDA-choice Angus Steak, oven-roasted turkey, brown sugar bacon, smoked cheddar, and crispy onions. That’s 7 things stacked together, hence the name Bourbon Triple Stack.  760 calories, 36 grams of fat
  • New Bourbon BBQ Chicken – We took a barbecue sauce made with barrel-aged Kentucky bourbon and put it on top of a crispy buttermilk chicken filet, brown sugar bacon, cheddar cheese, and crispy onions. Then we took that sandwich and put it on our menu. .  690 calories, 31 grams of fat

9 comments on “Arby’s Brings Back Bourbon BBQ Sandwiches

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    Can’t wait till Saturday! It will be GAME TIME for eating Arby’s. I had the 2 Gyros for $6 this weekend and they were super filling and not bad…..pita was soft and didn’t break. I give it 4 out of 5 for taste and value!

  2. M-Logan says:

    The chicken filet looks darn good-

  3. Sandy says:

    Arby’s has some of the best FF sandwiches out there. They have really changed their business model. Not cheap but their sandwiches are a great, indulgent treat for quick food once in a while. I want to try their Gyros. I know they won’t hold a candle to the indie Greek owned stand versions but will do for the price…I hope!

    • Barnaby says:

      FWIW – Arby’s gets its lamb-mix gyro meat from the same generic mega-suppliers as most of those “authentic” Greek coney joints and gyro stands… Though the Arby’s flatbread is spongy rather than the crispy/chewy bread you get with a decent gyro, the tzatziki is passable (I thought it would be seasoned mayo haha)… It’s a pretty decent Americanized gyro, it does taste good. The big bonus is that the food & health standards at Arby’s are miles above the independent AmeriGreek vendors (which really isn’t saying much)…

  4. Stephen M. says:

    I had the Bourbon BBQ Chicken today. Great, just like all of Arby’s specialty sandwiches. The BBQ sauce definitely tastes like bourbon! I would get this again, but want to try out the brisket one next.

  5. Cat says:

    I tried the Bourbon BBQ Chicken this week. It was a good sandwich, I just wasn’t overwhelmingly impressed for the price. While the crispy breading on the chicken gave a contrasting texture, I think I would have enjoyed it more had it been grilled. The BBQ sauce did not impress me. However, the bacon was outstanding and the highlight of the sandwich. I probably would not order it again, but I would try one of the other selections.

  6. DAVO ARMANIAN says:

    I went by Arbys just now and asked for 125 packets of horseradish sauce, we use them in our gay harem love making. We lick it off each others bodies. Sometimes we use the arbys sauce during felatio. But we dont like th roast beef cause it looks like a womens…..eeel…..we are strickly dickly. Howeever we like a good pastrami now and then.

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