$1 Hot Dogs at Sonic on September 19

All day on Wednesday, September 19th, Sonic will be promoting $1 Hot Dogs.  Includes 6-inch Chili Cheese Coney and All-American Dog only. Tax not inlcuded. Add-ons cost extra. Limit 5. Cannot be combined with combos, Wacky Pack Kids meals or any other offers. Offer valid September 19, 2018 at participating SONIC Drive-Ins while supplies last.

3 comments on “$1 Hot Dogs at Sonic on September 19

  1. Micheal Creech says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm love me some hot dogs! wooooooooooo woooooooooooooooo!!!!

  2. Sandy says:

    At least it’s not the $1 corndog they roll out every other week!

  3. Joe Cool says:

    I had 5 at lunch today, 8 hours later I’m still in pain. Probably the worst decision I’ve ever made.

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