DQ Gift Card Winners

The DQ gift card winners are…

  • Jeff R #17
  • Caitlin J #95
  • Phil #126

Winners, email me (grubgrade at gmail) with your mailing info and I’ll have your prize on its way. ¬†Thanks to everyone who participated.DQ gift cards

3 comments on “DQ Gift Card Winners

  1. Jonathan Wayne says:

    LMAO, Bruce Jenner sorry I mean Caitlyn Jenner won. ?

    • Jon says:

      Hey, she’s gotta eat, too.

    • Caitlin J says:

      Oh, Jonathan… if only you knew my torment… I get that all the time but it gets better. My full name is Caitlin Jennings. Why. Why is it so close. I need to get myself ice cream now and eat away these sorrows, I can’t handle this burden. :’)

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