Wienerschnitzel Introduces Hot Dogs from Around the USA

Wienerschnitzel has introduced a trio of new “Hot Dogs from around the USA”… the Chicago dog (not actually a new item), the Blazin’ Teriyaki Pineapple dog, and the Green Chile Chili Cheese dog.  Available for a limited time only.

  • Chicago Dog – with tomato, onions, pickle spear, relish, sport peppers, French’s mustard and celery salt
  • Blazin’ Teriyaki Pineapple Dog – with teriyaki sauce and diced pineapple
  • Green Chile Chili Cheese Dog – with shredded cheese, chili sauce, and Hatch chile peppers

All Hot Dogs from around the USA are made with an original 100% Angus Beef Dog.Wienerschnitzel Hot Dogs USA

5 comments on “Wienerschnitzel Introduces Hot Dogs from Around the USA

  1. BigBelly says:

    I had the blazin teriyaki pineapple & the green chile chili cheese dog last night, and I’d have to say both were major disappointments. The pineapple and green chiles’ were cold, and the teriyaki sauce was room temp, so you end up with a weird lukewarm dog with cold topping. The green chile one had a lot of juice that should have been drained before serving, I nuked it and got the cheese to melt, but it was just uninspiring.
    To make matters worse, they go for $4.49 a pop, I had a dollar off coupon for both, but still, not worth it even if it is the all beef dog.

  2. Alek says:

    The chicago dog should had poppy seed bun if they want to follow the traditional format. Basically it seems that they took existing items and threw together.

  3. Ryan D says:

    I had the Green Chili and the Pineapple one last night. All I could taste on the Green Chili one was spice. The Pineapple one was just sad. Sad wilted (I had no idea that pineapple could wilt, but they managed it) pineapple and hardly any sauce. The sauce I did taste, was more spicy then sweet. Sauce was also very runny, not as thick as I would like. Now the dogs are plump and juicy. The angus is what you need to get every time there. Overall, I rate both dogs at 4/10.

  4. cupie says:

    Oh my… Just had the “Blazin Teriyaki” dog and i got say it was superb; just like Lupus making a martini at the pool for Buttermaker.

    It’s fast food… So yeah, wacky jive will happen. I think this dog is pretty tits!

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