The Redhook Beer-Battered Fish Sandwich is Back at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s

The Redhook Beer-Battered Cod Fish Sandwich from Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s is back for a limited time. The sandwich features a crispy, beer-battered cod fillet topped with lettuce and tartar sauce on a sesame seed bun. Carl’s Jr. includes tomato with theirs, but Hardee’s doesn’t.  The Redhook Beer-Battered Cod Fish Sandwich comes with a suggested price of $3.29 or 2 for $5.  Prices and participation may vary.Redhook Fish Sandwich

6 comments on “The Redhook Beer-Battered Fish Sandwich is Back at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s

  1. doctorx0079 says:

    How does this compare to the fish sandwich at Wendy’s?

    • Bubbsy says:

      The tempura-style beer batter is different in flavor and texture than Wendy’s panko-style coating. Because of the batter, this Hardee’s/Carl’s version is more reminiscent of pub fish & chips cod, or Long John Silvers. But Wendy’s gives you pickles on theirs (a plus for this) and their better squishy “premium” bun rather than the ordinary sesame bun that Hardee’s/Carl’s uses.

  2. Cs says:

    If it was like the one I had a year or two ago, the fish was rather thin and the patty size seemed more comparable to a McChicken patty. It wasn’t meaty like other Hardee’s sandwiches.

    Wendy’s used to be delicious until they changed the tartar sauce. It’s still a good value and I’d pick it over Hardee’s, but I go with McDonald’s when I want fish.

  3. JJJ says:

    This is a little larger but I think the Wendy’s sandwich is better tasting. I actually preferred the Carl’s Jr grilled fish sandwich but they don’t seem to have it anymore.

  4. mike says:

    I dont know where these prices are from in LA area my Carls wants 4.99 for one and no 2 for anything.

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