The McRib is Back at Select McDonald’s Locations

The iconic and very overrated McRib sandwich (review) has made its return to select McDonald’s locations.  Keep an eye out for the McRib as its rollout won’t be hitting all locations at the same time.  The announcement was on November 2nd and some locations are still adding it.

Try a McRib®, the tasty fan favorite slathered in tangy barbecue sauce and topped with slivered onions and tart pickles, all on a hoagie style bun. Satisfy all of your cravings with our mouth-watering McRib® today! Find the limited-time barbecue sandwich at select locations with the McRib® Finder app on iOS or Android.

18 comments on “The McRib is Back at Select McDonald’s Locations

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    Can’t wait to try this. It’s been a couple of years since I had this. I like the McRib because when I worked at McDonalds, they had it and it was also the time they just released the Arch Deluxe and other deluxe sandwiches, they even had triple cheeseburger and the Mighty Wings at that time too, I had a hard time to figure out what I wanted for my lunch meal each day. Good ole days!

  2. T.J. says:

    I’m not a fanatic for this the way some folks are but I do enjoy it. It’s different. It reminds me of the italian sausage patties my father used to slather with bbq sauce and grill up for us when we were kids. I’ll watch for the signage at my local McD’s and grab one when it’s available.

  3. Sascha says:


    You’re overrated.

  4. Johnnyboy says:

    I finished my 10 day green smoothie cleanse and was looking for something new like this sandwich for like the past 3 days at several locations, couldn’t find it yet. It’s frustrating but I just had the 3 piece tenders from KFC with their finger licking sauce and that was worth it. Anyways, anyone know where in Maryland that this is available?

  5. Brian says:

    Youre reviews are overated idiot.

  6. JJJ says:

    They haven’t had this where I live for a decade. Sad!

  7. Stevo says:

    I used to think this was the best sandwich ever when I was a young teenager. Now having it again many years later, yes…it is overrated. The texture is terrible, the sauce is lousy, the onions and pickles do not complement the sandwich. It’s also really small.

  8. Stephen M. says:

    ZERO locations offering it in Arizona. New Mexico and California both have it; I may have to do an out-and-back plane trip soon.

  9. bobo says:

    Now bring back the McDLT.

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