Taco Bell Testing Firecracker Burritos with Popping Spices

Taco Bell is started testing Firecracker Burritos in select locations in California back in August and now the test has migrated to Toledo, Ohio.  Thanks to GrubGrade reader Josh for the pics.  The Firecracker Burrito features the standard fare of ground beef, nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, red strips… oh and a red flour tortilla.  Things get a little weird with the addition of a pop rocks style of seasoning packet called Popping Spices.  You control the application of the Popping Cheesy or Popping Spicy packet.  Priced at $1.99.  

10 comments on “Taco Bell Testing Firecracker Burritos with Popping Spices

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I seriously hope this doesn’t have a pop rock effect… Christ, just bring back the volcano menu and maybe put in some diablo sauce.

  2. BigBelly says:

    The picture looks like it has cheap rice filler in it

    They should have done it with lava sauce and called it the “erupting volcano burrito” kind of reminiscent of that line of stuff.

  3. Johnnyboy says:

    Can’t wait to try another’s gimmick from Taco Bell. I am a sucker for new products and advertisements.

  4. Tom Jefferson says:

    That looks awfully small for $1.99. It seems like in the past an item like this would start out at .89.

    Will not be trying this one, and the fact that Taco Bell doesn’t have good deals lately is very helpful to my waistline.

  5. Brian says:

    This actually doesn’t sound too bad. I’ll try one since there’s a cheesy flavor version instead of just a spicy one.

    I would like TB to keep their LTO’s around just a bit longer though. Seems like they go by pretty fast these days. I would also like to see them bring back more items from the past, especially Cheesy Core Burritos and Grilled Stuft Nachos. I also hope we get to see that Crispy Chicken variant of the Mexican Pizza soon.

  6. Sandy says:

    Wow, this is one stupid gimmick for sure. Can’t TB just make decent tacos and such and give up on the silly shticks to sell more cheap crap? OK, I’m done now. LOL

  7. bobo says:


    Why is that so hard?

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