Subway Promotes $6 Steak & Cheese Footlong

For a limited time, Subway is promoting its Steak & Cheese Footlong with the special price of $6.

Two of the most irresistible ingredients in the world — piled high onto freshly baked bread and your choice of crisp veggies. For a limited time, enjoy it for just $6!

Steak Cheese Subway

15 comments on “Subway Promotes $6 Steak & Cheese Footlong

  1. M-Logan says:

    Yumm – this with black olives and a well chosen sauce is near perfection.

  2. Johnnyboy says:

    I usually hate on Subway for obvious reasons but this is a good deal. This and the Spicy Italian and the Chicekn Bacon Ranch are the only few good sandwiches there.

  3. ruckus says:

    my Dad had one of these last week. He said he was not really impressed but ate all of it but the ends of the bread. Personally when I go to subway it’s for a meatball marinara with spinach and olives on wheat.

  4. Mike R says:

    Man, the price point on fast food is completely off the mark now. I know there has been inflation and what not, but I can get a much better quality cheese steak for under $7 at the pizza place down the street.

    • Britney says:

      I second that. The prices for some of their subs are ridiculous considering how mediocre they are. There’s a local sub shop in my town that has amazing steak and cheese subs. They don’t cost much more than what Subway charges, but you get super soft bread, and three times the meat and cheese that Subway provides. Plus, the steak is grilled up fresh. Unfortunately, they close before my work shift ends, so if I’m craving one on a weekday then I have to settle for Subway.

    • General Oboe says:

      And if this blog were devoted solely to better options than currently offered in fast food chains, your comment would be appropriate.

      • Britney says:

        No need to get snarky. If I didn’t eat at chains, I wouldn’t be on this website, now would I? But even if you compare Subway to other sandwich chains like Quiznos, Jersey Mike’s or Jimmy John’s, Subway still sucks compared to them as well.

        • M-Logan says:

          Agreed, Subway’s (mostly) faux meat is quite the buzzkill. If they were dirt cheap compared to say Firehouse, then I could overlook, but I can get a very decent meal (with chips and a big drink) for 9 bucks at Firehouse, so the higher quality there wins out ESPECIALLY when something of similar size at Subway will cost about the same.

        • Esther says:

          Jimmy Johns is way overpriced for what you get, in my opinion. They make good food, but I prefer Subway over JJ. Quiznos over everything, though.

          • Sandy says:

            Quiznos is still around? I can’t think of a single one still open in the Chicago area.

          • Esther says:

            I haven’t seen one in years, but when I was in college, I lived off campus in a buulding with one connected. I got so addicted.

  5. tony says:

    Just had one of these earlier. It is definitely different steak than before.

    They used to have the steak in little trays and they would put on tray on half of the sandwich, but now the “steak” sits in a tray and is scooped onto the sandwich.

    This meat tasted the same but I got a LOT less than before. I asked “is that all I get?” and she said “yes, two scoops only or extra”. The meat was all tiny little chunks and looked odd.

  6. M-Logan says:

    Had this earlier this week, and it was very good – decent amount of meat, and same quality as in the past. I got extra cheese as I usually do, and it was melted in nicely. Only added black olives and sweet onion sauce and was quite satisfied. Great deal at 6 bucks.

  7. D-Geer says:

    Date night with the wife!

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