Subway Footlong Fest, Any Footlong for $6

Subway will be celebrating Subway Footlong Fest beginning on Monday, January 30th.  Every footlong sandwich will be priced at $6 for a limited time.  Think FebruAny, but a dollar more and a better name.  The promo also includes flatbreads and breakfast sandwiches.  Available at participating locations.Subway Footlong Fest

10 comments on “Subway Footlong Fest, Any Footlong for $6

  1. Dank meme bro says:

    Inb4 everyone saying they can get a better sub somewhere else.

    • Stilletkniv says:

      Funnier still is what it says about you that you wanted to be 1st to say it. You’re right though, they can get a much better sandwich from a deli that sources higher quality meats and gives better portions, congratulations on being the first to acknowledge that!

  2. MP says:

    This deal is as close to value that Subway seems to come considering the promo extends to what they call their premium sandwiches. With how little meat they give you it’s only close to a value though. But with a breakfast flatbread you get double the protein (bcuz egg + steak/bacon/ham), most people don’t consider that.

  3. Johnnyboy says:

    Please read the fine print….additional cost for extras and deluxe. Who the hell wants any of their subs, the only one that tastes okay is the spicy Italian, but it is loaded with fat and sodium. I always get it toasted with all the meats only on it to drain the fat and oils onto the paper before adding it onto the bread, cheese and condiments to make the sandwich. I only get the meats toasted…. lol…it tastes better too. The only decent regular sub they have.

  4. Andre says:

    Man I wish they’d fix their bread. $1.59 for apple slices is too much, too.

  5. Better foodie says:

    I can get a free-range, grass-fed, growth hormone-free sub at my artisanal, small-batch, gluten-free cobbler one day a year from his food truck that’s shaped like a shoe with an ironic mustache, because I’m a foodie

  6. ruckus says:

    I had their carved turkey a few days ago. The flavor was decent, and a good option for a lean protein.

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