Signature Crafted Burgers from McDonald’s

My local McDonald’s in Maryland has introduced a new line of sandwiches called Signature Crafted Recipes.  There are three featured recipes… Pico Guacamole, Sweet BBQ Bacon, and Maple Bacon Dijon.  These new sandwiches aren’t on the McDonald’s website, so consider this either an early release, or regional testing.  Let us know in the comments if your local McDonald’s is offering Signature Crafted Recipes.  Readers in Missouri and Ohio have reached out to let me know they’re being offered in their area.Step 1: Choose your recipe:

  • Pico Guacamole: Pico de gallo, guacamole, creamy buttermilk ranch, white cheddar and lettuce.   $5.39, 470-680 calories
  • Sweet BBQ Bacon: Sweet BBQ sauce, Applewood smoked bacon, grilled & crispy onions and white cheddar.   $5.39, 530-740 calories
  • Maple Bacon Dijon: Bacon with maple seasoning, Dijon mustard, grilled onions, white cheddar and lettuce. $5.39, 580-800 calories

Step 2: Choose your protein

  • 100% Beef 1/4 lb. patty
  • Buttermilk Crispy Chicken
  • Artisan Grilled Chicken

Step 3: Choose your bun

  • Artisan Roll
  • Sesame Seed Bun

52 comments on “Signature Crafted Burgers from McDonald’s

  1. Tony says:

    Oh they’ve had these in SoCal for at least two years. I never tried one as I would never trust them to make it correctly.

    • Gr8pimpin says:

      Indeed you are correct. They have been in SoCal for AT LEAST a year.

      The third here in SoCal (instead of the BBQ) was a I think a classic lettuce tomato onion.

  2. Alex says:

    Available in Rhode Island

  3. Reverend Porkchop says:

    One of ours here in Liverpool (Suburb of Syracuse, NY) has them. I havent tried yet though as when I noticed the signage I’d already ordered. They’d had an article in the newspaper sayijg that 2 restaurants in the area would be having them. I’m assuming the 2 are under the same Owner/ Operator as they’re not corporate.

  4. Jak says:

    These are available in NYC.

  5. Jon says:

    Saw these on Thursday at my local McD’s in Lewistown, PA. Small town, about a half hour from Penn State.

  6. Kevin says:

    I live in California and we’ve had this for a while now. I don’t think we got the Sweet BBQ Bacon flavor though.

  7. Johnnyboy says:

    They are available in Bowie. I took a picture and was gonna email you somehow about this.

  8. Randy says:

    I saw this earlier this week in a suburb outside of Philly.

  9. Jon says:

    They’ve had these at some McDonald’s in New York for months now.

  10. Simon says:

    This is the regular menu in SoCal. Has been around going in two years. Ow. Plus ther is a fourth Sriacha flavor.

  11. ACS says:

    Saw these 3 advertised at a McDonalds in Cleveland, Ohio yesterday in one of their countertop ads.. the Maple Bacon and BBQ Bacon sound decent.

  12. Caitlin says:

    The McDonald’s in Bel Air, Maryland has them for about $4.99 per sandwich (before tax). They started selling them on Friday, April 21st!

  13. M says:

    There’s at least one Seattle-area location that is (was?) doing this. I saw it at the location across from the Space Needle last year.

  14. jj says:

    So if they have grilled onions in house again, does that mean we can get a re-creation of the late grilled onion cheddarburger? I don’t even care if they use the white cheddar from these things or keep the basic American; those grilled onions were transformational.

  15. mike says:

    We have had these in SoCal a few years none are very good have tried several none very good.

  16. Roger C. says:

    I’ve seen and had these in Marshfield, Missouri. Believe I had the Maple Bacon. I wasn’t impressed. They appear to be coming out everywhere. If you go in your local McDonald’s, they should have a calendar of their promotions and you’ll see the Signature Crafted items are scheduled to come out this week, at least in Michigan, where I’m from.

  17. Robert says:

    These took the place of the builder your own burger sometime last year. They have been available at any store that had a touch screen kiosk and was suppose to expand to all stores at some point.

  18. Nate says:

    Saw a sign outside my local in Modesto CA today for these, new in the past couple of days.

  19. David Cramer says:

    No thanks. Not paying that price.

  20. Cress says:

    Currently awaiting these in Bumf**k, Egypt.

  21. Robert says:

    These have been at the location in Chicago at the corner of State and Chicago Ave. for a while. Way overpriced. I tried BBQ bacon one and it was horrific.

  22. Stevo says:

    Once they can get beef or chicken worth eating, maybe the toppings will matter. Until then, I pass on McDonald’s for tasty food.

  23. brian says:

    First time I’ve been excited to try something from McD’s since the spicy southwest McWrap.

  24. DANNO B says:

    We have them in Huntsville, AL. I saw the signs at the drive thru this morning. The odd thing is that there was no pricing anywhere on the menu board. Just a description on how to order and a picture of them.

  25. Dustin says:

    These arrived in Cartersville GA, about 40 miles outside Atlanta, a week ago.

  26. Anon says:

    $5.39 for a Quarter Pounder from Mc Donalds? LOL No Thanks.

  27. Jo Mixson says:

    Sign says: Signature Crafted is back again. Don’t remember the first time. However, this means they have found their way to Woodstock, GA. (Just north of Atlanta). According to the locations listed before my post, they have the US pretty well covered! None of them sound particularly good, though. The only things we eat at Micky-D’s is an annual Big Mac and the Egg McMuffin!(

  28. JP says:

    They’re pricing themselves out of the market. If I’m paying over 5 bucks for a burger I’d much rather go to Culver’s, Hardees, Whataburger, etc. McDonald’s doesn’t have quality nor are they that cheap anymore. It’s still my favorite place for breakfast (close tie with Chik Fil’a), but other than that I rarely pop by. I’ll try the promotional items usually once and be reminded how dry everything is. Miss the days when I worked there and cooked my own food fresh. It’s night and day when it’s made to order. Oh how I miss their Angus deluxe….that is probably the only burger they made I’d pay 4-5 bucks for if it was fresh.

    • Joe Cool says:

      Cool story, remember not everyone has Culver’s, Hardees, Whataburger, in their area.

      And seriously? McDonald’s breakfast? Same as dog food to me.

      • JP says:

        True but I’m guessing you have something better than Mcdonald’s burgers at that price in your area. And I’d agree some does taste terrible (looking at you mcgriddles), but I’ll always love their egg mcmuffins.

        • doctorx0079 says:

          Hotcakes and sausage is where it’s at.

          • JP says:

            I’ll never understand why considering we just microwaved them, but my word are the good. They’re missing out on a market by not selling some of their products in grocery stores. Like big Mac sauce! Which I read they’re gonna be doing in Canada this spring.

  29. MIke R says:

    I’ll probably try one, but the price point is a bit high. At that point it becomes go to the Diner right next to McDonalds or Smashburger and pay a few extra bucks for a better experience.

  30. KJ says:

    The boyfriend and I tried these last night. Here in Maryland, over $17 for two combos is absolute robbery for these sandwiches. That knocks at Five Guys territory, pricewise and that’s the downfall. I had the Maple Bacon with beef on sesame. He had the Barbecue Bacon with crispy hicken on an artisan roll. I vastly preferred his. My beef was dry. Though the sauce was good, there was hardly enough. There were far less ingredients and variety in flavor profile than a Big Mac or QPC, and for the price that’s a shame.

  31. Barb says:

    Not really worth the price. Actually prefer a Big Mac, but recently they have been offering these free with any purchase anytime the Angels hit a home run. The offer appears on the McD’s app the day after.

  32. Kristopher says:

    Just ordered one on launch day here in Atlanta. Got the maple bacon dijon with crispy chicken.

    They were out of the artisan bun and it did not come with the white cheddar cheese.

    Overall, it was extremely salty and didn’t really have any maple flavor to speak of. Pretty disappointed.

  33. Joe Cool says:

    Had the Sweet BBQ Bacon Crispy Chicken option. Thought it tasted pretty good, not great. Gave me horrendous diarrhea later.

  34. Steven says:

    Rolled out today in Tucson, AZ. Tried the maple bacon dijon quarter pounder on the sesame seed bun. THESE WILL NEVER LAST they way they are ordered. It takes forever for them to punch it into the computer. There are literally 18 different variations between the toppings, protein and bun, with each option having to be selected separately based on how I watched it appear on the screen when I ordered. Despite the fact I ordered it as a burger, I was still asked if I wanted beef. Took several minutes and the line of cars behind me kept growing.

    After all that… the burger was not so good. Definitely not worth the price. At that price I was expecting 5 guys freshness and I got same old McDonald’s that tasted over processed. The dijon was the dominate flavor and the texture was lost with wilted/rubbery lettuce. The bacon was crispy and flavorful however, as that is one item they excel at now.

    I wish they’d bring back the Angus line, which I thought was a premium beef patty that tasted different from their regular 1/4 lb patty. But they got rid of all that to supposedly simplify the menu and speed up ordering and kitchen prep. Well that didn’t last long… THIS IS WORSE.

  35. Benjamin says:

    I tried it for the first time today at my local McDonald’s (San Antonio Metro Area) I ordered the Pico Guac Lime, Grilled Chicken on Texas Toast. I loved it so much, I went back for dinner. It’s funny I kept telling my coworkers about it. I really like it and I hope they keep them on the menu.

  36. Asztrid99 says:

    They now have these in Michigan. I’ve only tried the Pica Guac and I have tried both as a burger and with grilled chicken. Both times I ordered it on the Artisan roll. I have to say, I think this is the best sandwich I’ve ever had at McDonalds. It is $5 something for a sandwich and $6.99 for the meal. Trying to justify me eating at McDonald’s, I opted out of the meal. I did like the burger but, I like the grilled chicken even better.

  37. Joe says:

    Just found out my local McDonalds near Albany, NY has this. Might give it a try soon.

  38. Rob says:

    Eating a Sweet BBQ Bacon as a type this. Our local McD just got them this week. Pacifica, CA.

    FYI, they are indeed on the McD website.

  39. doctorx0079 says:

    Sounds like consistency is a problem. Maybe they are still ironing out the wrinkles.

  40. J says:

    We have them in Knoxville, TN area. I’d thought about trying them, but probably only with a good coupon.

  41. BigBelly says:

    saw the sign, went with the regular QP, none of these sound good

  42. Karen C. says:

    Tried this today. Still the rubbery grilled chicken is nasty, tasty toppings do not make a difference to the problem. Too expensive for what it is

  43. RoyWilbury says:

    Finally got around to trying on, and I went with the Sweet BBQ Bacon with Crispy Chicken (yep, I was boring and just picked the one in the picture).

    I ordered right after breakfast hours, probably 10:45 am or so.

    I was stunned, the thing was actually quite good. (Keep in mind I rarely go for the “deluxe” type items at McD’s and usually if I end up there buy the cheap, somewhat bland-but-consistently okay items like Cheeseburgers, etc., and I do this because the expensive, deluxe items rarely justify the price)

    The sandwich was very hot, and everything seemed as fresh as McDonalds gets anyway. I’m wondering if visiting this early played a part in how good it was. I sense if I go back, it may not be quite as good.

    The crispy chicken is actually quite good, not anywhere near the same as the more processed type found in the McChicken, etc.

    Everything was shockingly done in good proportion and I’ll be damned if the thing actually didn’t look somewhat like the actual photo! Barbecue sauce was good, bacon was crispy. Roll was good.

    Only slightly anomaly is that I *think* they put on the grilled (non-breaded) onions normally found on the Dijon sandwich rather than the crispy breaded onions pictured on the BBQ sandwich. They were still good, though, and I’m not a super fan of onions unless they’ve been coated with something crispy.

    Even at this quality though, the price is ridiculous. Over $10 if you make this a meal with a large order or fries. $5.39 on its own is just too much. But I guess the pricing makes sense considering how expensive other mainstays like the Big Mac or Quarter Pounder cost.

    If I knew the quality would hold up, I’d consider getting this again even at this price. I may try one more time and see if it holds up.

  44. Boris says:

    I’ve had the Sweet BBQ Bacon burger twice now. The taste really impressed me the first time. That combination of grilled and crispy onions, plus the barbecue sauce, was awesome. Would love to see that mix on other burgers. The second time, however, they gave me no onions at all, of either type. At that point the burger was bad. McDonald’s beef doesn’t hold up when it has to do the heavy lifting. Also, as everyone says, the price is absurd. If it was $5+ for a 1/2 lb., or $4+ for a 1/3 lb., I’d be excited about doing this again. But $5+ for a 1/4 lb.? That isn’t a good value proposition and I can’t justify doing it again, despite my liking the flavor (and ignoring the horrible service failure the second time around).

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