Popeyes Promotes 10 for $10 Deal

Popeyes will be offering 10 pieces of mixed chicken or 10 tenders for the promo price of $10 through Sunday, October 29th.  At participating locations.

6 comments on “Popeyes Promotes 10 for $10 Deal

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    Awesome deal as long as you get a pair of breasts in there. I been lucky to get double the breasts without the up charge in my area, because people like wings and dark meat more; but I’m a breasts guy and like my white meat. ? I like thighs as well, just can’t stand legs…. boo.

  2. Chris says:

    The thigh was the colonel’s favorite piece I hear, and I agree. Always ask for two thighs at bojangles or kfc. Popeye’s is usually too pricey for my taste.

    • Johnnyboy says:

      I that Davo Armenian is a tool. He didn’t even get that I was making a se*ual innuedo anout female body parts when talking about the chicken. He just makes an insult towards me like an idiot like I am Joey from Joey’s World Tour.

      Anyways I bought this last night, it was perfect and hot and fresh. Surprisingly no long line yesterday to get them either. I maybe buy Popeyes like 4 Times a year max. I used to work with this girl at my old job who would get Popeye’s like 4 Times a week for lunch. Let’s just say, you looked like it too. ?

      • ForReal says:

        What kind of tool makes a sexual innuendo about FRIED CHICKEN? I bet you’re a popular one with the ladies.
        Oh, and cute. You do the exact thing about a former coworker that dude up there did to you. Was a nerve struck?

      • Johnny U Suck says:

        You’re a lame guy, Johnnyboy

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