Popeyes New 1/4 Pound Popcorn Chicken and New Loaded Cajun Fries

New at Popeyes and available for a limited time only is the 1/4 lb Popcorn Chicken meal.  This meal is priced at $4 and features a quarter pound of popcorn chicken plus a side, buttermilk biscuit and your choice of dipping sauce.  Available through October 29th.Also new to the Popeyes menu is Loaded Cajun Fries.  Loaded Cajun Fries feature Popeyes Cajun Fries topped with cheese and bacon plus a side of Cajun Gravy.

9 comments on “Popeyes New 1/4 Pound Popcorn Chicken and New Loaded Cajun Fries

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    Awesome super deal! And the best thing there is no Incredible HULK sized cup for soda. I like soda from time to time, but’s it’s too much sugar. Might have to try both this week if I have time.

  2. Justin says:

    I tried the popcorn chicken. Like almost all Popeyes LTOs that are fried to order, it was delicious. However, I paid $5.49 ($6 with tax). It’s still worth it; I just find it funny that I have never – literally not once – paid the same price that they advertise for these meals. It is always $1-$2 more.

    • JR in SD says:

      Because you added a drink? The cost for an additional drink was $1 until very recently. Now it’s $1.49 (at my restaurant, at least). Water, of course, is free.

      • RayRay says:

        I sure miss the days when I could add a drink to an LTO for a buck. My Popeyes charges $1.90 for a medium (which is really a large) these days.

  3. Steven says:

    *Loved* the loaded cajun fries! I was very confused and disappointed at first that they seemed to forget the cajun gravy though. I had thought it was on the side like how it appears in the promo picture. The cajun gravy is underneath the fries. They ladle in some, which is the same gravy they use on the mashed potatoes, before putting everything else on top. I’m too used to white cream gravy maybe but that must be ranch sauce pictured. Very confusing. Would love this to become a permanent menu option… and they need to allow it to “upgrade” the in meal sides rather than just being a la carte.

    The popcorn chicken was quite tasty too! A tad on the overspiced side in such a small bite perhaps but overall very good.

    • RayRay says:

      I’m pretty sure I saw an in-store display that said you can upgrade a combo side to the loaded cajun fries for an extra $1.49

  4. Matt says:

    Got the popcorn chicken the other day and the portion was soo small…nothing like the picture…anyone else experience this?

    • Johnnyboy says:

      Maybe because they are busy all the time and they try to skimp everyone’s orders so they don’t have to constantly keep making them. When I worked at McDonald’s they used to do that with the fries….way back like in 1998. It’s just employees being lazy….the more the give, the more they need to make to give the next person.

  5. RayRay says:

    I’ve gotten the popcorn chicken a few times now and I never thought the portion size was too small for the price. I always left full and I’m an adult male (200+ lbs). My Popeyes tends to be a little generous with their portions in general, though.

    Unfortunately, this same store was out of popcorn chicken yesterday and said they’re not getting any more! Signs were still up in the store and on the video menu but not in the windows. This LTO sure didn’t last long enough (yet, they still have the dang Hot Honey Crunch tenders that debuted around Aug 3rd). I hope another $4 LTO is coming soon.

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