New Zinger Spicy Chicken Sandwich from KFC

The Zinger from KFC is well known in over 100 countries worldwide and the we’re finally getting it in the States starting on Monday, April 24th.  So what’s a Zinger?  It’s KFC’s spicy, crispy chicken sandwich.  It’s about time this happened.  The Zinger features a spicy double hand-breaded chicken breast fillet with lettuce and Colonel’s mayonnaise on a toasted sesame seed bun.  Some KFC locations have started selling the Zinger early so check your local area.  There’s a Zinger $5 Fill Up meal which includes potato wedges, a medium drink and chocolate chip cookie.  

44 comments on “New Zinger Spicy Chicken Sandwich from KFC

  1. John says:

    Now only if they brought back the Twister.

    • Kevin says:

      This x1000. The Twister wrap was amazing. About the only thing besides the popcorn chicken that i really liked from KFC.

  2. Sarah says:

    Boooo! They need to bring back the zinger sauce. It was so good. My stor doesn’t have the sauce on the doublelicous anymore so now it’s disgusting. It was the only thing that saved it. Haha!

  3. TheDude says:

    I dont think calling it the Colonel’s mayonnaise is a good idea.

  4. Jon says:

    Weird, we sold these at my KFC like 12 or 13 years ago when I worked there. They were pretty good. We also did a wrap with them… which was a pain because I suck at rolling tortillas neatly, apparently. Hah.

  5. ruckus says:

    Looks tasty, I’ll have mine without the Colonel’s mayonnaise tho…

  6. Josh says:

    I just had this. Stopped at KFC/TB to get a burrito, and saw this on the KFC menu to my surprise. Really solid. Not very spicy but has a good kick. Mine was pretty slathered in mayo so that might have brought the spice down too. Definitely would buy this over a McD’s or BK chicken sandwich.

  7. Matt says:

    “Colonel’s mayonnaise” lol

  8. Nick says:

    What is “Colonel’s mayonnaise?” Is it just ordinary mayonnaise, or is it something differently flavored/spiced/seasoned whatnot?

  9. M-Logan says:

    These were sold for a “limited time” at StL KFCs a year or so ago, and were excellent!

    Never understand when something is really good – and I am picky, so if I like it, IT IS GOOD – and a restaurant doesn’t keep it on the menu.

    Took em long enough but glad it’s back.

  10. Bubbsy says:

    This was the only thing that would bring me into KFC back when they had these long ago in my region (MI), but I remember what I liked so much about it was the Zinger sauce…. which they’ve replaced with the unfortunately-named bun-glazing “Colonel’s mayonnaise”.

  11. Sascha says:

    This is one good sandwich. Slots just below Chick-fil-A’s spicy and above Wendy’s. Also available with bacon and cheese. With Popeye’s seemingly slowing down on lto’s, KFC had really been hitting homeruns with their regional flavors and now the Zinger.

    • Stevo says:

      Odd, I would put Wendy’s above Chick Fil A, for all their standard (not $1 menu) chicken. Chick-Fil-A has an off texture (probably brined) and tastes like salt, not to mention the breading is not crispy.

      I love the Chick-Fil-A breakfast chicken biscuit, but not the standard chicken sandwich.

      • xam says:

        It’s fine if you put Wendy’s above Chick Fil A, different strokes and all that, but that’s definitely the odd opinion. Chick Fil A is miles above any other chicken sandwich to most of the public, and that’s not debatable. Again, if you prefer Wendy’s, good for you, but that is not the consensus, not even close.

        • M-Logan says:

          Pummel me if you must, but Arbys has very good bird as well.

        • JJJ says:

          Meh, I’ve had practically every fast food chicken sandwich. CFA is good, but overrated. Just because the employees fake smile at you doesn’t make the sandwich that much better

        • Bob in Texas says:

          I would have to vote for Wendys Spicy Chicken over Chick Fil A Spicy. Just the way it is. But I would go with Chick Fil A regular chicken sandwich over Wendys Homestyle or whatever its called. The one thing Chick Fil A has over everyone is customer service. Now that can not be beat in fast food industry in my humble opinion.

      • Sascha says:

        I can understand if the breading is something you don’t care for. For me though, the texture and breading at CFA is second to none. I like it so much that my favorite sandwich for years at McDonald’s was the Southern Chicken, their poor man’s version of CFA. But if you like the texture of Wendy’s, then I definitely suggest you give the Zinger a shot.

    • CulinaryZerg says:

      KFC actually makes really good chicken strips and sandwiches, rates high in taste tests that I’ve seen, even beating Chick Fil A sometimes. But something about their store quality, cleanliness, or brand perception really drags them down in most consumers’ eyes.

  12. gary zabunian says:

    I lived in South Korea for a few years teaching and the local KFC had the Zinger. It was awesome and when I saw this article I got really excited. I went to KFC for lunch today (live in No. Va.) and it was on the menu. It was not the same sandwich I remember having in Korea. The U.S. version was dry, lacked flavor, not enough kick, the mayo was lacking, and I came away really disappointed. I’ll stick with Chick Fil A, what a tease KFC!!!!!!

    • CulinaryZerg says:

      I don’t know if it was called the Zinger, but it seems like there have been good spicy KFC sandwiches for 20 years in Asia. The ones I had I think were thigh meat and higher spice, which are more in line with Asian taste preferences I suppose. Much better than the bland, safe ones in the US.

  13. mike says:

    I ad this tonight 5box is a great deal

  14. Robert says:

    Considering how many varieties of tacos and burritos Taco Bell can come up with, it makes zero sense that KFC, under the same corporate umbrella, would spend so much of its time avoiding having a chicken sandwich on their menu. The doublicious or whatever was really poorly done, this looks promising. KFC should be focusing on more sandwiches/wraps/nuggets instead of trying to get everyone to care about family meals.

    • Sascha says:

      I’d say their $5 meals are some of the best bang for you buck lunches out there. Wedges, a drink and a cookie plus chicken, or tenders, or popcorn and now the Zinger. Also, the Chicken Littles have been great, especially, imo, the Nashville Hots. I agree though, I with there were a few more options like the Zinger, or the Twister.

  15. M-Logan says:

    The Doubleicious sandwich here (chicken filet with white cheese on soft roll) comes with fairly awesome zesty orange colored sauce…… is this the Zinger sauce people are talking about?

    • Sarah says:

      No the that’s diffrent. My store said they don’t have it anymore which sucks bc it was what made that sandwich good ?

  16. Cress says:

    Great sandwich. I love the fact that it’s prepared at the store and not frozen/pre-breaded. It really makes a huge difference. The chicken was juicy and tender, and the breading had a peppery CRUNCH to it. Not to hot–just right. I definitely like it better than Wendy’s spucy chicken sandwich, which actually is better than ChickFilA’s spicy sandwich. ChickFilA has the best chicken sandwich, but their spicy chicken sandwich sucks. It’s all heat, no flavor.

  17. Joe says:

    Popeyes is coming out with their own chicken sandwich this year. Buddy of mine is a franchisee and they were debuting them at their annual conference in New Orleans this past month. Said it was very good. Excited to try this tho!

  18. Brian says:

    Had this today for lunch. Good deal. Sandwich, Wedges, Cookie and drink for $5. Wasn’t quite spicy enough so I added some hot sauce. Still good though. Will get again.

  19. Bob Smith says:

    I’ll have to try it. I still miss the Nashville Hot Chicken. That was great.

  20. Shannon says:

    Well it looks good enough to eat.

  21. CB says:

    Got the $5 box for lunch. Great deal even though they forgot my cookie. The sandwich was OK. The spicy at chic fil a is better as well as Wendy’s too.

  22. Johnnyboy says:

    i had this yesterday. My sandwich was smaller than I hoped for. You can never go wrong with Wendy’s Spicy Chicken patty!

  23. JJJ says:

    I finally tried this today. Heat wise, the chicken was good, albeit a tad salty. The few small pieces of warm flaccid lettuce didn’t add much. I’d rather have a big ol chunk like most other places give you. Overall, not bad, but I may buy a small coleslaw next time and throw some of it on the sandwich to give it some much needed texture.

    • M-Logan says:

      To me, adding the cheese & bacon is required. A second slice of fake processed white cheese makes it perfect. It was the longest wait EVER in the drive thru last night, and then when it was finally my turn I was told a Zinger would be another 5 minutes wait. It was worth it as the cheese & bacon ended up being free for my trouble, AND they tossed in an extra cookie. It was the best Zinger I’ve ever had, I guess because it was so fresh.

  24. JP says:

    I went in thinking I’d really like this. Maybe I got a dud, but mine was super super dry. Wendy’s, Culver’s, and Chick Fil’A are miles ahead of what I got. In fact I’d probably take McDonald’s and Burger King’s over this. Mine was just the sandwich and was $4.96. Granted I probably should have bought the 5 dollar fill up box. The taste was good, just so unbelievably dry. And it’s hard for me to forgive a place for that when I’ve yet to have a dry patty from Chick Fil’A.

    • brad says:

      Chick fil A does not sell patties. They sell fillets. Sorry, pet peeve.

      Anyway I believe you got a dud, the one I got was possibly the least dry fast food fried chicken sandwich I’ve ever had. Just the sandwich is almost the same price as the fillup, that IS interesting.

    • M-Logan says:

      Not trying to be ignorant, I’m genuinely curious why you did not spend 4 cents more to gain a drink, a side and a cookie?

      I figure that’s a penny for the drink, a penny for the corn or beans or whatever, and the cookie I figure is worth 2 cents at least :^)

      • Sarah says:

        Well….I’ve done that before bc they have Pepsi products which I hate and bc I’m not that hungry and only need a sandwich! If you don’t need it then why waste it?

        • M-Logan says:

          Understood. I just can’t relate I suppose because I’m never “not” that hungry LOL.

          Totally agree on the Pepsi products – I need my Diet Coke.

          And what the heck is the deal with Diet Pepsi, aside from tasting pretty awful, it always foams up so crazy you can never get more than two thirds of a cup full?!?

      • JP says:

        I love fast food but for whatever reason not a big fan of pop or fries. I didn’t get a chance to see the price of the sandwich only but as with most fast food places I assumed it’d be cheaper. I laughed after I got my receipt. Had I known I would have bought the box and given it to my GF. I know patties are different than fillets…my bad. Definitely a bigger fan of fillets like this. I’ll have to try it again, maybe they let it sit too long or something.

  25. BigBelly says:

    This was pretty good, I wish they’d do them like the overseas version with the spicy mayo, because I didn’t get much zing from the breading (but it was nice and crispy) I’ll definitely get the $5 fill up again, minus the lettuce though

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