New Smokehouse Pizza from Little Caesars Now Available

Last October we brought you news of a test market item pizza from Little Caesars available in Kentucky.  The new Smokehouse Pizza from Little Caesars is now available nationally.  The Smokehouse Pizza is a large round pizza topped with mozzarella and Muenster cheeses, beef brisket, pulled pork, Applewood-smoked bacon and BBQ sauce, plus a smokehouse-seasoned crust.

The Smokehouse pizza has three types of meats. The brisket starts with Midwest beef, which is brined with a proprietary blend of spices, then pit smoked with Hickory wood for 8-10 hours. The pulled pork is made in rotisserie style pit smokers for 10-12 hours. The Smokehouse pizza is also topped with crispy, savory, crumbles of Applewood smoked bacon. It’s up to you to decide which is the star of the show.

Smokehouse Little CaesarsAvailable for a limited time at Little Caesars restaurants nationwide for $9 plus tax where applicable, at participating locations. The Smokehouse pizza is available HOT-N-READY® from 4-8 P.M., or all day by request.

16 comments on “New Smokehouse Pizza from Little Caesars Now Available

  1. Darrell Martinsen says:

    When you mentioned the SmokeHouse pizza last year it you also mentioned another Pizza Little Caesars had that included alfredo sauce. Will they be releasing that one nationwide too?

  2. John W. says:

    One other item that had a test run for Little Caesar’s back in the fall was the mozzarella-asiago pizza that included alfredo sauce. It never showed up around me, so hopefully this is another one that will be available everywhere soon.

  3. Ryan D says:

    I had this pizza yesterday, it was $9.45 with tax, and it was really good. The Pulled Pork got nice and crispy, like the best bacon ever, and the brisket was tender with a decent chew. Worth it in my book.

  4. Bubbsy says:

    I’ve never worked at a pizza place, burning question follows: when you order a pizza with a single topping (pepperoni), they’ll distribute a portion of pepperoni around the pizza. I understand most places just eyeball it and don’t really measure exactly, but I’m asking about the general approach — If you order multiple toppings, does the portion of each topping get smaller than if it were a single topping? Like for example if sausage and pepperoni, do they just apply a half-portion of each topping? Or would you get as much of a portion of each topping as if it were the only topping?

    • Bobby says:

      I worked at Domino’s for 3 years and Papa John’s for 4 years. Your second theory is correct, on a two topping or more pizza you get smaller portions than if the pizza had just one topping. A lg pepperoni would get around 40 pepperonis, a lg sausage would get around 1 cup of sausage but if you order a 2 topping (Pep and Sausage) it would get 35 pepperonis and 3/4s of a cup of sausage.

    • joe says:

      the small pizza place I work at gives a full portion for each ingredient that is ordered. I’m sure places like pizza hut and papa johns skimp even more than normal with added toppings

      • Bubbsy says:

        Ahhh, interesting insight and comparison for considering a local pizzeria vs a big chain pizza joint – thanks for the reply!

    • Thistle says:

      Rarely have I ordered double of a topping from Domino’s, since it seems like you just get the same amount as a normal topping.

      • M-Logan says:

        Agreed – ordering “2x” any topping always seems like a waste, they just ignore you. Pizza Hut has THE BEST black olives but no matter how I try to get more of them, there’s like 7 on the whole pizza. I swear I’m tempted to get a part-time job there just to gain access to those tasty morsels.

  5. Johnnyboy says:

    I am Pizzaed-out…..but I will try this maybe today if available.

  6. Amanda says:

    Dose it have cayenne pepper in it?

    • John W says:

      No cayenne pepper, no ghost peppers, no bell peppers, I’m not even sure there’s any black pepper in it. The barbecue sauce has a good smoky flavor, and maybe a bit of sweetness, but I wouldn’t call it spicy. The crust has some sort of seasoning sprinkled on top, but it’s not spicy either.

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