New Smokehouse Chicken Sandwich from Arby’s

Smokehouse Sandwiches are back for a limited time at Arby’s and there’s a new offering to choose from… the Smokehouse Chicken Sandwich.  The Smokehouse Chicken Sandwich features seasoned chicken that has been pit-smoked in a real smokehouse plus crispy onions, barbecue sauce, pepper bacon, gouda cheese and mayo on a star-cut bun.  Nutrition info: 530 calories, 26 grams of fat, 9 grams of saturated fat, 2000 milligrams of sodium, 46 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber, 9 grams of sugar, 30 grams of protein.Your other choices in the Smokehouse line-up are the Smokehouse Brisket (review), the Smokehouse Pork Belly and the Smoke Mountain Sandwich (review).

5 comments on “New Smokehouse Chicken Sandwich from Arby’s

  1. M-Logan says:

    “pit-smoked in a real smokehouse” – interesting, as I have yet to see one of those in any Arbys parking lot…..

  2. doctorx0079 says:

    I missed out on the Smokehouse Pork Belly last time so I made sure to get one this time. It’s definitely not for everyone. If you really like bacon you will like this. If the idea of mushy bacon fat bothers you then this is not for you. The pork belly was meaty, and the meaty part was a bit chewy, maybe a little overcooked, but there was also a good amount of mushy fat. It has a good smoky flavor all over but that’s still mushy bacon fat in there. I liked it but I know a lot of people for whom this just isn’t their cup of tea. The BBQ sauce and fried onions were fine but the cheese is pointless and unnecessary. I’d have to say if it sounds good to you, try it while you can, but don’t try to force yourself 😉

  3. Colorado Joe says:

    Yeah man! I love my bacon cooked like that, fatty and chewy. I got the smokehouse mountain just to try it and the pork belly was by far the best part. I am eating a hamburger at this moment thinking I should’ve just gone to Arby’s 🙁

  4. Karen C. says:

    I tried this chicken sandwich last night. I liked it ok. The chicken had great flavor but was really rubbery and had a strange texture. I also drank 4 glasses of water later that night because of the salt.

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