New Smokehouse Boneless Wings from Popeyes

I came across new Smokehouse Boneless Wings today in New Market, Maryland. This isn’t on the Popeyes website so I’m not sure if I found a test market item or early new release.  Here’s a look at the promo image anyway.  Priced at $5.99 for 6 Smokehouse Boneless Wings, a side, biscuit, and Rajun’ Cajun BBQ Ranch dipping sauce.  Yes I bought it and I’ll post my review later this week.

15 comments on “New Smokehouse Boneless Wings from Popeyes

  1. Richard Ginn says:

    For 6 bucks that needs to include a drink!

  2. monkeyrotica says:

    Yeah, I’d be fine with five wings, a biscuit, a side and a drink.

  3. monkeyrotica says:

    So long as there’s something to wash it down with.

  4. brian says:

    I feel like 6 boneless wings is just 3 tenders cut in half? lol Do they have some kind of special seasoning on them?

    • TheDude says:

      I loved the boneless wings the last tike they had them…definitely big enough to be worth it, to me at least. Im just wondering ahat exactly makes these ones “Smokehouse” other then a new dipping sauce

  5. Barnaby says:

    I know a lot of children are upset because they don’t get a free sugar-water or cookie with the meal, but I for one am glad Popeye’s keeps the quality up on the actual meal and doesn’t cave to the trend of throwing in cheap mediocre “extras” so all the obese people can get enough empty calories to feel full for an hour. “This deal sucks compared to KFC because over there you a free stick of margarine and cup of kool-aid with a twisty straw with their $5 slop bucket Xtreme combo”… sigh

  6. johnnyboy says:

    Why are they called Smokehouse Wings? Is Popeye’s a BBQ joint now? I was assuming you get a FREE pack of smokes with every box. Can you still smoke inside Popeye’s? I guess that may be only in Louisiana…

  7. ACS says:

    Is this review still coming soon?

  8. Craig in PA says:

    Got these on Saturday from the same Popeyes in New Market, MD. Employees said it was the last day they would be offered. I have not seen them at any other Popeyes in the area.

    They have some sort of seasoning built in which was really good.

    I see they just launched “Sweet and Crunchy Tenders” nationwide so it must have been a test market.

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