New Munchie Mash-Ups from Jack in the Box

Thanks to GrubGrade reader Erik who found his local Jack in the Box in Santa Clara, California offering new Munchie Mash-Ups.  These Munchie-Mash-Ups are available all day unlike the late night Munchie Meals.  There are three Munchie Mash-Ups to choose from and they’re basically all smothered hashbrowns: H’Angry Chicken Hash, Wakey Bakey Hash, and Jack’d Jalapeño Hash.  Erik purchased the Wakey Bakey Hash which is hash browns topped with eggs, bacon, and cheese.  Each Munchie Mash-Up is priced at $3 and available for a limited time only at participating locations.

14 comments on “New Munchie Mash-Ups from Jack in the Box

  1. Simin says:

    Munchies meals are available all day, they just cost $8 outside of 9pm-5am.

  2. Pete Moss says:

    For real, wakey bakey hash? Does not sound like food to me

  3. Roy Wilbury says:

    Tried two of the “Mash Ups” at my local JITB in the South Bay Area. I went for the “H’Angry Chicken” and “Jack’d Jalapeno.”

    It’s about what you would expect. Lots of cheese. I liked the hot/buffalo sauce in the chicken version, but there wasn’t nearly enough of it. It was mostly cheese. Also thought the chicken nuggets in the chicken version were sub-par even for JITB chicken. They were very much “school lunch line” status. I would assume these are their standard chicken nuggets; I don’t usually order those. But something more akin to what you get in a Spicy Chicken Sandwich would be better.

    The Jalapeno was probably the better of the two, though with more buffalo sauce the chicken would be up there as well.

    I think $3 is too expensive for what you get on these. These seem more like a $1.99 item. If they were cheaper, I’d consider going back and trying again. When JITB does these horrendous “cheese slop in a box” items, the tradeoff for all the guilt and shame is a decent price, but $3 is too much.

    • Jimmy James says:

      Nothing at Jack’s is cheap.

      Let me rephrase that, the combos are priced well and reasonably filling. But if you’re going for the finger foods (and let’s be honest, you probably are), expect to pay out the nose. Egg rolls, curly fries, poppers, onion rings, bacon cheddar potato wedges…

      It sucks that these aren’t all that great because they looked good. Thanks for the heads up, though.

  4. Stephen M. says:

    The MJ references are strong with Jack in this one.

  5. Thistle says:

    I tried the Wakey Bakey Hash yesterday. Even though they made it wrong (mine had no egg, and I’m pretty sure they added sour cream), it was DELICIOUS.

    Only downside of it was that I was embarrassed saying that name.

    • Ryan says:

      Yeah I hate having to say the name of certain products… Satisfries from Burger King comes to mind.

      • Bubbsy says:

        Haha I remember telling the BK folks about that unfortunate name — that it sounds like we’re ordering “saddest fries”.

  6. BigBelly says:

    These are on the “What’s hot” section of their website now.

    They ran a ad here tonight for a Smokey Jack burger or chicken sandwich, but I don’t see that one on the website, did anyone else catch it?

  7. Rhonda says:

    The wakey bakey is the bomb. Have enjoyed it a few times. Nice size and I thought a great price. Hope it hangs around.

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