New Double Chalupa from Taco Bell

Thanks to @Krozard on Twitter for sending over this menu pic from a Taco Bell in Wisconsin that is offering the new Double Chalupa.  Priced at $3.49, the Double Chalupa (looks familiar) features a double serving of seasoned beef, plus nacho cheese sauce, red strips, salsa, reduced-fat sour cream and a three-cheese blend.  There’s also a spicy version pictured with pickled jalapeños.  We’ll keep you posted on a potential national release.Double Chalupa



10 comments on “New Double Chalupa from Taco Bell

  1. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    Sold out of the original but not the spicy? Hmm…

  2. Esther says:

    Oh hell, I remember these. I had it one time and liked it

  3. Mike K says:

    They had these the week of New Years at the one in Kenosha, WI. Was wondering why so limited.

  4. holly says:

    taco bell must be tired of “creating” new products by just rearranging their existing ingredients…lucky for them they can now just double the amount of an ingredient in an already existing menu item and VOILA!

  5. Helldog says:

    I’m trying to figure out the best way to bite that and not have stuff falling out everywhere, and I’m still not sure I know.

  6. Brian says:

    TB had these years ago and they were called XXL Chalupas. This is a rebranding of the same item. I hope they get a second go round nationwide because these are one of my all time favorite menu items at the Bell.

  7. Andre says:

    Different from the XXL Chalupa from a few years back? Maybe the red strips and pickled jalepenos are new.

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