New Chicken Dippers from Checkers and Rally’s

For a limited time, Checkers and Rally’s restaurants are promoting the new $2 Chicken Dippers & Fries Box. This combo box clocks in at 770 calories and features 1/4 pound of breaded and dippable all-white chicken with a side of new Crazy Good Sauce plus Famous Seasoned Fries. ¬†Available at participating locations. ¬†Prices may vary.

7 comments on “New Chicken Dippers from Checkers and Rally’s

  1. Robert says:

    Did not expect these to be so big. I was expecting BK Chicken Fries size, but these were probably 3x the size. Waaaay more chicken. Better quality too, but that’s not saying much.

  2. Johnnyboy says:

    This looks tasty, just hope it’s not too salty. Checkers food is pretty nice, but some items are just too darn salty.

  3. Johnnyboy says:

    This was very delicious, just had it. Lots of food and I got 4 pieces of chicken. They forgot my sauce, but these were hot and Greg and tasty without it.

  4. Sascha says:

    Holy cow, are these things good. Saying they’re three times the size of a BK chicken fries is stretching it, but yeah, they’re about twice as wide, same length. So you’re getting the equivalent of 8 chicken fries and a small fry (and of course, BK fries don’t belong in the conversation with rally fries), for $2. 9 fries at Burger King cost me $3.

  5. Johnnyboy says:

    I actually paid $3 for this, NOT $2. Another reason Maryland is their greedy franchise owners. GRRR!!!

  6. BBB says:

    For $2 this was a steal. You get 4 “dippers” that are more than twice as big as a bk chicken fry and actually crispy and flavorful. The new sauce was good too!

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