New Arbynator Sandwiches from Arby’s

Thanks to GrubGrade reader Bryce who sent over a picture of new Arbynator sandwiches from Arby’s.  The new menu item was spotted at an Arby’s in Holland, Michigan.  From what I can tell from the menu board pic, the Arbynator is a roast beef sandwich topped with Curly Fries, cheddar cheese sauce, Red Ranch, and possibly mayo? on a sesame seed bun.  Just like the original Roast Beef sandwich, the Arbynator comes in three sizes… the Classic, the Double, and the Half Pound.  We’ll keep you posted when this sandwich gets a wide release.Update 12/7/17:

Here’s the official ingredients rundown for the Arbynator

  • Roast Beef
  • Curly Fries
  • Cheddar Sauce
  • Arby’s Sauce
  • Horsey Sauce
  • Sesame Bun

20 comments on “New Arbynator Sandwiches from Arby’s

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    Holy Schnikes! Well then I just got all excited. I’m like Jojo the idiot circus boy with a pretty new sandwich. Now the sandwich is my possible new craving.

    Can’t wait to try this.

  2. Bryce Driesenga says:

    Thanks for posting!

    I think I overheard the cashier telling someone it had Horsey sauce. Might be that instead of mayo — not positive. Also not sure if it’s the Red Ranch or Arby’s Sauce. Red Ranch seems likely though.

    I’ll come back here if I try it this week!

  3. Justin ST says:


    Just stop. Please

  4. Richard Ginn says:

    They must be running out of ideas.

  5. Matt says:

    I don’t understand the concept of adding fries to a sandwich. So if you get a combo, you’re getting double the serving of fries ? Sorry but they’re a side item and belong on the side. This just seems lazy.

    • Johnnyboy says:

      I know, before I went on a rant yesterday and then about posted a comment, I realized they just added fries on top. LOL. I thought is was something else.

      Some of their sandwiches got so many things going on, even the bacon is overkill. Sometimes you just want to taste the meat…not other detractors. If I want bacon on a sandwich, I go to Wendy’s.

      Anyways, NEXT MONTH! Ving Rhames will do a commercial where he talks about ARBY’S dipping their sandwiches in batter and DEEP FRYING them. It will come with powdered sugar and raspberry jam on the side. They will offer melted chocolate dipping sauce for their fries.


  6. Richard Ginn says:

    Red Ranch or is it Arby’s Sauce?
    Mayo or is Horsey Sauce?

    The half pounder looks so tall you can’t get your mouth around it.

    • Johnnyboy says:

      I can’t stand sandwiches that are bigger than your bite. An older woman and coworker during college were someone talking about bre**ts one time and I don’t know how the conversation go there, but she told me,,,John, anything bigger than a mouthful is too much and a waste. LOL! Anyways, that is true abpout food too. Besides I have TMJ and my jaw would probably get locked. Arby’s think we are snakes or something with their oversized sandwiches.

  7. Nick says:

    Just had one in Edmond, Oklahoma. Horsey Sauce, Arby Sauce. Pretty good.

  8. Bubbsy says:

    Haha the food stagers (advertising) got a little carried away on the sandwich pics propping them to look like so much meat. Folks are going to be more disappointed than usual when they unwrap this.
    BTW that’s their red ranch and horsey sauce… they don’t have any of their sandwiches come with Arby’s sauce on it, and there’s an interesting reason.

    • Bryce Driesenga says:

      Any info on that interesting reason you mentioned?

      • Matt says:

        Also curious about the interesting reason, because this sandwich *does* have Arby’s sauce. I imagine it could easily get mistaken with their regular BBQ sauce on the cook’s line, but this build definitely does have it.

  9. Ryan D says:

    It’s the Big Montana, but on PCP.

  10. JJJ says:

    My only concern is with the added fries, it might be dry if they don’t put enough cheese sauce on it. A couple extra packets of Arby’s or horsey sauce should fix that though.

  11. […] later, food blog GrubGrade said that the Arbynator was spotted on menus in Holland, Mich. on Dec. 7, an Arby’s spokesperson […]

  12. Mark says:

    So it’s a beef and cheddar but with fries on top on a regular bun? What’s so innovative about this?

  13. doctorx0079 says:

    So, they copied Primanti Bros?

  14. Roman says:

    Man. Reviewbrah wasn’t exaggerating…

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