McDonald’s Big Mac Special Sauce Contest

You’ve got a very small window of opportunity to get your hands on a limited edition bottle of McDonald’s Big Mac sauce.  The promo takes place on Thursday, January 26th.  Big Mac SauceThere’s a couple of ways to get a bottle… the McDonald’s Big Mac Special Sauce Finder iMessage app and a social media angle… here are some excerpts taken from the official rules.

  • The McDonald’s Big Mac® Special Sauce Contest (the “Contest”) will take place approximately between 1:00pm Central Time (“CST”) and 1:30pm CST on January 26, 2017 (“Contest Period”). Entries not received within the Contest Period will be void.
  • At various times throughout the Contest Period, Sponsor will post content to the McDonald’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which you may participate
  • Locate the Contest live stream and follow the instructions to post a comment to the live stream (via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) that describes an original idea or thought you have that can help solve the puzzle outlined in the live stream to receive one (1) entry


16 comments on “McDonald’s Big Mac Special Sauce Contest

  1. Dan says:

    Seems like a lot of work for a bottle of Russian dressing.

  2. Brian says:

    This is stupid. All of this for a bottle of Mac sauce.

    • Johnnyboy says:

      It’s easier to get limited edition Nike Air Jordans on Black Friday than this. Lol! I will buy this when it is for sale online and then I can be safe and I can have it sent to my house by armored truck with police escorts.

  3. Joe Kirkpatrick says:

    “From way up here, those numbers kinda look like… an awesome surprise that’ll be unveiled soon. Who’s got a guess? ”

    So this is their BIG surprise? What a crock of BS…

  4. Matt says:

    This seems awfully like an awfully complicated contest just to get a bottle of thousand island dressing

  5. Bubbsy says:

    Considering McDos officially put one of its corporate chefs several years ago onto the interwebz to provide the simple recipe and demonstrate how the sauce is made …. I don’t see how this promotion would have the appeal they seem to hope for?

  6. Jonathan Wayne says:

    What a waste, worst marketing campaign ever.

  7. Jim says:

    So is this the big announcement for 1/26/17? It sick it piss it revolting

  8. Johnnyboy says:

    I worked at McDonalds and their sauce is pretty special. I doubt unless it is sold in the refrigerator aisle, it won’t be as fresh and tasty as the real thing. I don’t like too many sauces that are sold in the store aisles, they usually have too much sodium and taste bad…..unless it is some good barbecue sauce.

    I would use that sauce to dip my nuggets in them when I worked and many of my co-workers did too. The real canister that sauce comes in with the gun to squirt my own sauce is what I want to buy. ? It’s funny, because I can still in my mind make like 4 Big Macs in like 30’seconds from toasting the 3 piece bun to putting them in the box, adding onions, pickles lettuce, 2 squirts on the bottom bun and 2 on the middle bun and the cheese and 2 beef patties and voila….combine and make it look like the picture in the ad. Me and my coworkers always had a contest of who could make their burgers like he commercials. I rarely had someone return any burgers for any reason. Truth to GOD!

  9. Mark says:

    Retarded.. just sell it in stores. People will buy it just cause it says Mcdonalds on it.

  10. Cap'n Obvious says:

    Yeah, definitely a swing and a miss, McDonald’s. I was hoping for a great new menu item or endless fries or something. But I was not driving across town to a McDonald’s to MAYBE get a bottle of sauce IF they had any left. If they had put the chance to win online OR even sold the bottles online, I would have had more interest. However, I wasn’t changing my entire day’s schedule to try and chase down a bottle of Big Mac Sauce. Sorry, Ronald…but this was much ado about nothing.

    • Willie Stevens says:

      Not sure if you somehow missed it, but this post specifically mentioned the fact that there were chances to win online via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  11. doctorx0079 says:

    Now people will try to hoard this Thousand Island sauce in a fancy bottle and sell it on eBay because LIMITED EDITION.


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