Half Off Pizza Promo at Domino’s Through 12/7

Domino’s is now promoting 50% off all menu-priced pizzas that are ordered online through Thursday, December 7th.

One comment on “Half Off Pizza Promo at Domino’s Through 12/7

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    Domino’s pizza is alright, but their NEW YORKER crust and their pan are the best, same with Papa John’s and Pizza Hut. I love Papa John’s Canadian Bacon and anchovies the best, so Papa John’s is my favorite go to place.

    I will try this deal for my family at least twice this promotional period. Domino’s has super great deals all the time and for a person with a budget. The best deals for someone with small children. I don’t eat their pizza, just save it for the kids.

    We don’t have any decent mom and pop pizza place near me, so I prefer DiGiornio’s Rising Crust Supreme or Meat Pizza the best.

    I SWEAR nothing can beat their pizzas versus those 3 delivery pizza chains mentioned above, even if you go carryout and pick up it up and eat it within 5 minutes. (Little Ceasar’s MOSTEST pizza for the price beats the national chains at $6!)

    DIGIORNO pizza, you are the best!


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