Domino’s Pizza BOGO Deal Now Until Sunday

Starting today, when you order a Domino’s pizza online and get it carryout, you’ll get a free pizza of equal or lesser value. ¬†The promotion runs from March 13th until Sunday, March 19th. ¬†Applies to menu-priced pizzas only.Dominos Pizza BOGO

One comment on “Domino’s Pizza BOGO Deal Now Until Sunday

  1. MP says:

    While it was available recently, the 50% off deal was good enough to get me to try Dominos again (last time was somewhere in the 90s). They have improved over the decades, back then they had been the most accurate example of tasteless cardboard crust, but since Little Sleazers hasn’t changed a bit since then – Dominos has surpassed them. But now that you can’t simply get half-off a single pizza…. back to Pizza Hut.

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