$5 Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box is Back at Popeyes

The Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box from Popeyes is back for a limited time only.  When I reviewed this eight years ago it was priced at $4.99 so kudos to Popeyes for being able to keep things so consistent… the flat $5 pops a lot better than $4.99.  The Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box comes with 8 Butterfly Shrimp, a regular side, biscuit and Ultimate Cocktail Sauce.  Popeyes Butterfly ShrimpAlso available for a limited time is the $5 Cajun Surf & Turf combo which comes with 4 Butterfly Shrimp, 2 Tenders, a regular side, biscuit and two dipping sauces.

10 comments on “$5 Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box is Back at Popeyes

  1. Justin ST says:

    Hopefully, now that Burger King has bought Popeye’s, it will be run a lot better. Lots of their franchisees are totally worthless, with employees that just don’t care.

  2. Linda says:

    I got the shrimp tackle box in Davenport the shrimp was more like popcorn than butterfly it was a joke won’t be going back there

    • TheDude says:

      You expecting to get 8 jumbo shrimp, plus fries and a biscuit for $5? come on.
      they arent huge, but for shrimp it’s a pretty good value.

      • Bubbsy says:

        Actually yeah, she can expect to receive “large” shrimp or bigger size if they are selling shrimp that is butterflied. No reasonable person would think that butterfly shrimp would refer to tiny shrimp, do you even know what it means to butterfly your protein or why it is done? So her complaint about Popeye’s using the term “butterfly shrimp” if indeed she received little popcorn shrimpies would certainly be valid due to deception of what is *reasonable*.

  3. Sandy says:

    For 5 bucks both of these are screaming good deals. And, I really hope a whiner doesn’t post about no drink so no deal. That’s always high on the annoying meter!

  4. rick says:

    Sounded like a good deal until I noticed that it didn’t come with a soft drink. That’s not a deal in my book.

  5. Clay says:

    I don’t like fountain drinks, so I like that Popeye’s has deals like this.
    I had it the other day, and it was tasty, but it didn’t even come close to filling me up. So for $5, it’s a fairly good but definitely not great deal.

  6. The Popeye's Commercial Lady's Writer says:

    Listen up folks! We’ve got two spicy deals that are sure to liven up your taste buds! But don’t be a fool here folks! As Monty Hall’s internal voice would scream, “take the envelope of cash and not door number 2 which has just 8 shrimps behind it.” The envelope of cash here is Popeye’s surf and turf deal. 10 more grams of savory protein will surely leave you feeling more full and satisfied, cajun certified. And, honey, with 4 of my delicious mini shrimp or 8 of my delicious mini shrimp, your shrimp cravings will either be satisfied by 4, or still wanting more after 8. So go ahead honey, get them 2 tenders for free. Bonus, being this is Popeye’s and we cajun count, you’ll likely end up with 5-6 shrimp and 2.5-3 tenders. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that chicken from Popeye’s!!

    Fun fact gained during this calorie research was seeing that Popeye’s regular tenders have 10 more grams of carbs per serving then the spicy. I guess more empty calories on the mild to replace lost flavor of spice? Spicy for lifey!!

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