$1.99 Fish & Fries is Back at Long John Silver’s

For a limited time only, Long John Silver’s is once again offering their one piece Fish & Fries deal for the promo price of $1.99.  This combo features wild-caught Alaskan whitefish and a serving of natural-cut fries. Participating Long John Silver’s only. Does not include Cod.

4 comments on “$1.99 Fish & Fries is Back at Long John Silver’s

  1. Bren says:

    Oh how I wish Long John Silver’s was even 1/10th as prevalent in my market as the burger, sub and pizza joints.

    I live in Milwaukee, and the only LJS within about 60 miles is located maybe 30 miles away. We had a combination Taco Bell/Long John Silver’s for several years, but the LJS part of it disappeared maybe 5 years ago.

    I’d gladly settle for the Captain D’s fast seafood chain which I’ve eaten at in Nashville. 🙂

    • Barnaby says:

      Yeah we had a couple LJS joints shut down in W Mich over the last year. Which is funny because they are among the fast food chains that take food stamps/EBT/welfare cards, …. but I guess the deadbeats that use taxpayer $ for junk food are opting for anything other than fish – So we pay for them to feast on pizza, fried chicken, and bacon cheeseburgers every night instead…. I don’t see many Pizza Huts, KFCs, or Taco Bells shutting down lol.

      • doctorx0079 says:

        Did you see them take food stamps/EBT/welfare cards? Although you apparently don’t have any there anymore. Maybe they got shut down for doing that??

        • Barnaby says:

          I understand your skepticism, with all the social justice bloggers pretending like the welfare dependent have anything other than a comfortable fat & lazy lifestle… but no it’s not a conspiracy or anything, for years MI and other states have permitted the use of food stamps at take-away joints and fast food restaurants…. McDos and KFC were among the pioneers any many others have gotten on-board too. Fast food purchases are now just behind soda and snack chips for food stamp purchases, in MI it’s called the ‘supplemental nutrition’ program, lol.

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