Wendy’s Revamps Burgers and Promotes “Deliciously Different” Campaign

Wendy’s is currently promoting its signature product, the Dave’s Single, with a new marketing campaign called “Deliciously Different”.  The Dave’s Single, Dave’s Double, and Dave’s Triple burgers feature “100 percent fresh, never frozen North American beef, now bundled under a new bakery-style bun inspired by Dave Thomas’ original recipe and a creamy coat of Dave’s signature mayo.  Topped with premium produce, like hand-chopped tomatoes, full heads of fresh lettuce, crisp red onions and crinkle cut pickles, this sandwich is now wrapped in foil to keep things extra hot.”Wendy's Dave's Single


31 comments on “Wendy’s Revamps Burgers and Promotes “Deliciously Different” Campaign

  1. Richard says:

    They better keep Red in the new TV ads for this campaign…

  2. BigBelly says:

    wrapped in foil? so much for the fresh lettuce

  3. Dank meme bro says:

    I might actually eat wendy’s if the burgers were that big.

    • alan rodriguez says:

      i hate buregrs when they r like small sliders.. its just annoying.. daves was a fail at the least.. they should bring back the deluxe.. u want to hold and grab that thing without it being shrunk like daves… seriously.. size matters

  4. RT Mechling says:

    Hopefully this “re-vamp,” or whatever they are calling it, is better than the last time they messed with their burgers. When that happened, I stayed away for years because something always tasted off to me. The mayo wasn’t good and the bun wasn’t good either. Probably just my own experiences, but the service at Wendy’s is atrocious the few times I’ve visited the past five years, so hopefully that is in their cross-hairs as well.

    • Joe says:

      I think it’s just really hit or miss service-wise with individual locations. There’s a Taco Bell over where I’ve lived for two years that have never once messed up an order for me and two McDonald’s that happen to have different franchise owners – one is usually spot on, the other one is always terrible.

      Really just comes down to how well the standards are held up by the franchisee.

    • Taylor says:

      Wendy’s used to be my favorite burger. The corporation (based in Nevada) that owns the franchises around Seattle, has decided to serve “cold and dry” burgers foregoing the “hot and juicy part”. It seems that they are focusing too much on drive-thru speed and throwing quality to the wind Once burgers reach the left hand edge of the grill, the sit there until sold no matter how long it takes. Good by warm and hot burgers as well a melted cheese on the wrapper. It’s really ruins the experience for me.

  5. Colin says:

    Mayo, huh? Gross.

    • Taylor says:

      I always have the mayo left out. If it’s there I can’t taste anything else. Fast food places usually put on way too much as well which also prevents sensing the texture of the food very well. Hold mayo and the “special sauce” !

  6. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Wendy’s burgers are pretty good, they are the only legacy burger chain that actually made an effort to truly get better and compete. I really can’t say I have had any complaints eating any of their burgers lately.

  7. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Are they putting mustard back on them? I remember they revamped a few years ago and removed it much to my chagrin.

    • Robert says:

      Mustard has no business on a burger with mayo. It’s one or the other. They’ll gladly put mustard on, though, are you that scared to ask for a topping?

      • Bryce says:

        Interesting. I’d argue mustard pairs with mayo quite while as opposed to mustard and ketchup.

        • M-Logan says:

          Absolutely. You can make a very nice sauce by mixing mustard and a high-quality mayo (Dukes for example).

        • Taylor says:

          I always order mine “no mayo no mustard”. If the sandwich has mayo, it prevents me from tasting anything else. Mustard makes it taste like something from McDonalds.

  8. CC says:

    Wendys has been downhill since the “hot ‘n juicy” burgers campaign and changeup.

    It used to be the best place to get a fast food BLT. Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers weren’t bought for amount of beef. They were good tomato, crisp lettuce and crunchy awesome bacon. The burger slice was just a little more flavor on top of that.

    • Robert says:

      Dunno what your deal is, but they still have great bacon and crunchy, hand-washed lettuce.

      • John says:

        Mmmmmm, hand-washed.

      • CC says:

        No, that’s true, but they charge a lot more, give less bacon, more bun, and more beef. The bun and beef taste different now too.

        Almost all of the taste before was BLT. Now the taste is bun and beef.

        There are enough changes to it that it feels like an entirely different menu item from the old jr bacon cheeseburger.

  9. BJ says:

    My Wendy’s has had the “revamped” burgers for a few weeks now. The new bun is definite downgrade IMO. The foil rapper is the only other difference I really noticed, every else seemed the same.

  10. M-Logan says:

    Agreed on the Jr BCB – best dollar (now dollar+) you can spend in fast food. Just budget for 2 or 3 of them 🙂

    Also at Wendys, the “Son of Baconator” is quite spectacular. Really the first time in my memory that the “downsized” version is still plenty filling for me. And I’m the guy that will eat a meal at some places and then need to go back up to the counter for just a little more.

  11. HawkEyeTS says:

    You know, whenever I hear a press release talk about something being inspired by a founder’s original recipe, I always have to ask myself the question “Why aren’t you just going back to the original recipe that actually built the company up?”. Then reality sets in and I know the answer – money. They almost certainly modified it to use cheaper ingredients or chemical stabilizers so that what they produce lasts longer, even if the taste is compromised in the process. After all, they’ve still got the selling point of it being “like the original” to move the product, taste be damned. *sigh*

  12. Mollie says:

    Where I live the burger has always had these ingredients and been wrapped in foil. I don’t see any difference.

    • Blousey says:

      I imagine the reason they highlighted/boldfaced *is now wrapped in foil* is because it is now wrapped in foil, as in actual aluminum foil, as in not the paper with an outer foil-type lining that you’re talking about.

  13. Justin ST says:

    I’m guessing this is a lame excuse to pump up the price of their burgers again.

  14. SPM79 says:

    Overpriced chain that is not worth the money continuing to recycle ideas that haven’t worked in the past.

  15. JJJ says:

    Meh, I had on the other day. The foil made the burger sweaty and the bun wasn’t that much of an improvement. That’s not really a complaint, just don’t expect much of a change.

  16. Taylor says:

    I think people trained in business management are convinced that to achieve “progress” they always need to change things. Sometimes it’s just executing what you do right more consistently and more often.

    I see nothing particularly appealing about this “change” to their burger. I’d be happy to one freshly cooked rather than sitting on the left side edge of the grill for more than an hour. The local Wendy’s franchises in Seattle seem to be in an extreme cost cutting mode. They have even dropped Heinz ketchup and replaced it with the bland, sweet, “company” brand stuff. Not an improvement at all.

  17. alan rodriguez says:

    its the same effin thing.. deluxe is known for the famous infamous square but really thick patties.. no lettuce or tomatoes but i got my own hot saauce thanx… wendys needs to get that back. and btw.. if u ever need to heat it up put it in the toaster oven for a few.. ul get crispy bred and flavor….. not revamped but more lie its back.. seriousl bring the deluxe back..

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