Valentine’s Day Doughnuts Now Available at Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has brought back its festive Valentine’s Day doughnuts.  Now available through February 14th.

  • The Luv Bug doughnut is sure to delight this February! The filled doughnut is dipped in rich red icing and finished with chocolate icing and a smiling lady bug face made of sugar.
  • The Bee Mine doughnut is filled with Krispy Kreme’s classic filling. The doughnt is dipped in chocolate, decorated with red icing, and topped off with a whimsical honey bee made of sugar!
  • Steal your loved one’s heart with Krispy Kreme’s Sprinkled Heart doughnut. A heart-shaped doughnut is dipped in white icing and topped with colorful Valentine’s Day sprinkles.
  • A classic Valentine’s Day favorite returns! The Chocolate Iced doughnut with sprinkles is back. This doughnut is dipped in delicious chocolate icing and topped with festive Valentine’s Day sprinkles.

Valentine Krispy KremeAlso Krispy Kreme has two new football doughnuts to celebrate the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers upcoming Super Bowl matchup.  Each filled football doughnut is dipped in blue or orange icing. The blue football doughnut is topped off with white icing, while the orange football doughnut has laces made of navy blue icing.Blue_and_Orange_Dozen

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