The Whopperrito from Burger King Debuts Nationally on August 15

Back in early June we brought you a first look at the Whopperrito from Burger King.  The internet went crazy enough to fast forward the test market schedule all the way to a national release which we’ll be seeing on Monday, August 15th.  WhopperritoThe Whopperrito is a burger-burrito hybrid which features flame-grilled 100% beef which is seasoned with a special blend of spices to get a Tex-Mex flavor.  Also included in the Whopperrito are cut tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles and a creamy queso sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla.  The suggested price for the Whopperrito is $2.99 and as part of a combo meal for $4.99.

22 comments on “The Whopperrito from Burger King Debuts Nationally on August 15

  1. M86 says:

    Well, that definitely takes the cake for “actual product not looking like the photo”. Can’t wait to see the disastrous review of this!

  2. CC says:

    I’m pretty sure this was mentioned as a joke in one of the last horrible creation entries of BK…

  3. Justin ST says:

    We have taken things to a whole new level of nasty.

  4. Tony Gross says:

    Yay diarrhea for all !!

  5. Ross The Boss says:

    So this is essentially a burrito with pickles… I mean, it makes more sense than the Whopper Dog, but I can’t help but think how many people will be turned off that this is a “Whopper” Burrito.

    Hey Burger King, it is TOTALLY OK to brand your new food products as something other than “Whopper _______”!

  6. Ross The Boss says:

    Also, I don’t know how many people will be clamoring to head to a fast food burger place for a burrito…

    It’s almost as if Burger King ENJOYS failed LTOs and losing money.

    • Alex A. says:

      Well sir, it is not a burrito, it is a Whopperrito and is proof that God loves us 🙂

    • AlexG says:

      Could it be because the corporate penny pinchers finding ways to cut every penny from a cost of a product?

      Doing things like that increases the revenue from your diehards but when people have In N Out, Shmashburger, The Counter, The Habbit, 5 Guys, etc, to choose from you should start improving your core product. Hamburgers…

  7. Sascha says:

    I’m excited to try this. Glad to see they didn’t go the cheap and easy route of throwing a slice of crappy cheese in there. Price seems reasonable too,though I wish they had thrown it on the 2 for $5 menu.

  8. Matt Brown says:

    I’m actually really surprised that there are special seasonings and the queso sauce. I assumed it would straight up be the same ingredients as a Whopper inside the tortilla.

  9. Jonathan Wayne says:

    I’ll try it, I probably won’t like it, but I’ll try it.

  10. rodney says:

    I was kind of interested in trying this until I read that it’s Tex-Mex flavored. If I want that, I will just go to an actual Mexican food place, a burger wrap sounded like something different, but this is just a burrito, which I know won’t be as good as a place that specializes in that.

  11. JJJ says:

    Will eat just for the heck of it.

  12. David says:

    *face palm*

  13. M-Logan says:

    Well, people eat “steak burritos” at Taco Bell and others, and this is still just dead cow so I don’t really see it as especially revolutionary. I will say it looks a lot better in the BK pics than in that pic posted above – big shocker there.

  14. For those people complaining about pickles, the Oki-Dog has pickles. For those people that complain about the Oki-Dog, (shrugs shoulders).

  15. BBB says:

    I thought it was pretty solid actually. I liked the seasoning and everything went well together. The only thing is next time I will ask for extra queso since I couldn’t really taste it at all. I would still give it a 8/10!

  16. Scott says:

    Tried it today. I’m not a BK fan at all. First time I’ve eaten there in a year or more. I didn’t expect much from this but it was actually pretty good. I agree it needs more queso and the pickles could be 86’d. I will probably go back for this one again, which is more than I can say about anything else they serve.

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