The Quesalupa from Taco Bell Getting National Release

The latest press release from Taco Bell hints that the next big thing is right around the corner.  If you read between the lines, it’s going to be the Quesalupa.  With key words like “highly anticipated” and “it’s finally time for everyone to get the chance to try”, there’s really no other product that it could be.  From the release, we know this mystery product has been through a test market run already.  Rumors that the Quesalupa would have a promotional tie-in with Super Bowl 50 have been circulating since September.QuesalupaIf you’re unfamiliar, the Quesalupa features seasoned beef, lettuce, cheddar cheese, reduced-fat sour cream and diced tomatoes within a chalupa shell stuffed with melted pepper jack cheese.  A breakfast version was also tested last year.  When the news is official, we’ll update.

16 comments on “The Quesalupa from Taco Bell Getting National Release

  1. popwar says:

    Its about damn time

  2. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Damn, that looks good, I am going to buy like 50 of these things.

  3. Brian says:

    I swear if the item ISN’T the Quesalupa, I am going to not eat at Taco Bell for a long time afterwards. I have waited too long to have another one after trying it during the test last year in Toledo.

  4. Chuy Vega says:

    My body is ready

  5. Poasty says:

    Taco Bell does an efficient, steady job of rolling out new product multiple times a quarter.

    However, are all these ‘Bastardized’ Ameri-Mex items all use the same items? Like….is the same ground beef re-hashed into other forms? Same thing with chicken, steak, etc…..

    Are they all the same product with different exterior “shells” and maybe a tweaked sauce? If anything, the sauce might be the biggest R&D expense with these new menu items.

    • Bubbsy says:

      Gosh darn you Wendy’s! I’m so sick of you using the hamburger patties and chicken filets on all those different sandwiches but with different breads and different toppings and different cheeses and different sauces! I believe you even use the same tomato slices on the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger that you use on the Spicy Chicken! Can’t you do something else, like lasagna or sushi? Slice some pumpkin and put it on the Baconator to change it up at least…. Sooooo unoriginal!

    • Joe says:

      Woah congrats on being the first person ever to point this out. You deserve a nobel prize.

  6. Andre says:

    At $2.99, I found the protein-to-price ratio was lacking with what appeared to be only one scoop of beef – the same as a regular taco. The in-shell cheese distribution seemed tricky to pull off as mine’s was bunched towards the fold and mostly unmelted. Hopefully, they work out the kinks for the national launch.

    • MP says:

      At $3, I’ll pass. This might be the product TB advertises in the Super Bowl – which a 30-second ad will go for $5 million. Gotta make back the money somehow.
      I’m still mad at TB for getting rid of the Lava sauce so quickly. Boycotting.

    • SPM79 says:

      Taco Bell has a way to go in controlling the price discrepancies between locations and having franchisees honor promotions. I went to the Taco Bell in the mall by my house last week and 3 regular tacos (not the meal) came out to $6 and the Crunchwrap sliders on promotion for a dollar were double.

      • Bubbsy says:

        Sounds like you were mischarged. Otherwise, you should know prices vary by locations, *that’s because the cost of doing business varies so greatly in different locations… Costs like property and taxes and labor affect prices for everything, it’s not Taco Bell trying to screw your town.

        • SPM79 says:

          Overhead is not double at a tiny spot in a second rate mall as it is a free standing store, as a matter of fact when you take into account the minimal utilities and common area maintenance involved in running a mall location it might even come to less. Once again, consistent prices amongst franchisees is needed. Not to mention national promotions are national promotions and are part of being a franchisee, if you want to make every decision then you open your own branded restaurant not a franchise. Sorry to debunk your theory. As for being overcharged, I noticed the prices on the menu before I ordered so that was not the case.

          • Bubbsy says:

            Well considering I’m right that prices do in fact vary by location, I’m not really sure what you’re arguing. That prices *should not* vary at different locations? That doesn’t make sense.

  7. BigBelly says:

    I think I paid 2.49 for a double decker supreme tonight, 2.99 seems really high

  8. […] can pre-order it now and get it two days early.  All of us dorky fast food enthusiasts believe the new product will be the Quesalupa.  This mystery product is priced at $2.99 and there’s a limit of 5 per […]

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