The Nosh Show Episode 72: Cake My Day

In episode 72 of The Nosh Show we discuss Carrot Cake Hershey’s Kisses, Root Beer Pop-Tarts, the latest from Ben & Jerry’s and a bunch more.  We also get into our impressions of Taco Bell’s Quesalupa and the newest OREO flavor.Nosh Show logoSubscribe to The Nosh Show on iTunes or Stitcher.  Follow the show on Twitter and like us on Facebook.  Thanks for listening!

2 comments on “The Nosh Show Episode 72: Cake My Day

  1. L says:

    Milky Way Midnight is great–Milky Way regular isn’t gluten free.. so they aren’t something I’ve tasted, and as a gluten-intolerant person, I think 3 Musketeers Bars are awwwwweesome.

  2. Bernie says:

    I was pleasantly surprised at how good those Carrot Cake Kisses are. I do like Carrot Cake, but was hesitant about the Kiss form. But it turned out to be pretty good. Sadly, I don’t see this making a comeback for next Easter as people instantly associate Hershey’s Kisses with chocolate and not everyone is a carrot cake fan. But as long as they sell them, I’ll eat them. Lol

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