Taco Bell Brings Back Rolled Chicken Tacos

For a limited time only, Rolled Chicken Tacos are back at Taco Bell.  First introduced in November 2014 (review), Rolled Chicken Tacos feature a fried corn tortilla rolled up shredded chicken and come with your choice of five dipping sauces: Spicy Ranch, Nacho Cheese, Guacamole, Salsa and Reduced-Fat Sour Cream.  The suggested price for Rolled Chicken Tacos is $1.99 for the 2-pack with one dipping sauce or $3.99 for the 4-pack and two dipping sauces.  Nutrition-wise, a Rolled Chicken Taco 2-pack will set you back 220 calories, 9 grams of fat, 400 milligrams of sodium, 25 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber, and 9 grams of protein.Rolled Chicken Taco Bell

14 comments on “Taco Bell Brings Back Rolled Chicken Tacos

  1. M-Logan says:

    I recall these being quite good – now I wanna make a Run For The Border right now LOL

  2. Keith says:

    These things are Amazing! You dont even need to dip them.

  3. Stilletkniv says:

    I suppose they’re worried that most people aren’t familiar with what a taquito is? Now that they’ve been in the freezer aisle all over the country for more than a decade, it would seem that they could safely call it that and strike familiarity… I am grateful that they don’t call a burrito a “taco-wrap”.

  4. K says:

    This pricing doesn’t really make sense. It’s more expensive to get the 4 pack by half a cent. Which doesn’t really make a big difference, but still very odd when you can save a penny by just buying 2 2-packs for $3.98.

  5. Johnnyboy says:

    Never tried these but sound tasty. Love corn tortillas!

  6. Junior says:

    My local taco bell were selling these for $2.29 for the 2-pack, and $4.29 for the 4-pack.

  7. jon says:

    The location I stopped at the other night wanted 2.39 for a two pack and 5.49 for the 4 pack. Makes zero sense

  8. BigBelly says:

    $1.99 & 3.99 for them here, which surprises me, because it’s just a little neighborhood taco bell.
    They were alright, the ends seemed to be the tastiest part, as they had the best crunch. The guacamole was pretty bland, and benefited from a half pack of diablo sauce, but if I did it again, I think the fire might be a better choice, I find the diablo bitter

  9. Robert says:

    I never missed these when they were gone, but now that they’re back I’m like “hey, these are pretty good!” Considering a crunch taco supreme is nearly two freaking dollars everywhere, this is a way better deal.

  10. stilletkniv says:

    Wow nearly $6 for a 4-pk is quite a bump up from suggested price, was that a specialty Taco Bell like in a hospital or airport or something?

  11. Mark says:

    They’re pretty good but lack something. They are pretty plain on their own. I really don’t want to eat 4 of these in one sitting but one sauce choice is pretty lackluster. And they feel expensive for what you get, though in reality one of these has about as much heft as a regular taco. I think $1.29-1.49 for 2 would be much more palatable. They just need a better sauce pairing imo. These things probably would’ve been amazing with old lava sauce.

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