Something Better is Coming to Papa John’s on October 10th

According to the Papa John’s media channels, something better is coming on Monday, October 10th.  According to the local coupon circular that just came in my mail, it’s likely new Pan Pizza.  We gave you a first look at the new Pan Pizza from Papa John’s when it was first available in Kentucky earlier this year.  The circular advertises the new Pan Pizza with a price tag  of $10 with up to 3-toppings.Papa Johns October 10

10 comments on “Something Better is Coming to Papa John’s on October 10th

  1. MrManx says:

    Not really related to Papa Johns, but I long for a pan pizza like I remember Pizza Hut used to have back when they were good.

    • rodney says:

      Oh my God, yes! If you’re ok with taking it home and baking it yourself, Papa Murphy’s has one that pretty close. As close as I’ve tasted anyway.

  2. lochlain says:

    The pan isn’t bad but it’s only available in 12″. I’ve got 6 people in my household so I prefer using coupon codes for the XL pizza.

  3. Cress says:

    I had it, and that sauce is terrible. It has a tart taste to it. I’ll stick with Pizza Hut.

  4. Ryan D says:

    Fun fact, when cooking this in stores, we had to push the pizza back in the oven after it came out because the crust was under cooked and caused 2 of our drivers to have bad stomach cramps. lol

  5. Ric Ballard says:

    The new pan pizza is in all stores around the Louisville market now. Has been for a week or so, it’s really good but just like Dominoes it only comes in one size, medium.

  6. Eagles409 says:

    I live near Chicago and they are already offering it here. I tried it last weekend and it’s just okay. It seemed overly saucy and the crust was kind of greasy and just overall very average tasting. I wouldn’t order it again, but for $10 it wasn’t a bad deal.

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