Ramen Burger Coming to Red Robin on April 4th

Beginning April 4th, Red Robin will debuting the Red Ramen Burger nationwide.  The Red Ramen Burger is served on a crispy seasoned ramen bun and is topped with teriyaki and Chiu Chow aioli, a medley of chili-infused shredded cabbage, carrot and onion and garnished with fresh basil.Ramen BurgerTo celebrate the new burger, Red Robin will make April 19 “Red Ramen Day” where the burger will come with a $2.22 discount at participating restaurants.  The Red Ramen Burger will be available until June 5.


5 comments on “Ramen Burger Coming to Red Robin on April 4th

  1. Jesse says:

    Please give us your review!

  2. BBB says:

    You post this but not about the BCB release in April. Come on GG!

  3. PT says:

    I had this ata place in L.A. which “invented” this burger (we went to a taping of Conan and the chef was on the show, and right after the sow we went to get some of the burgers.) I REALLY liked it! The burger was really flavorful and I liked the ramen bun a lot. It (obviously) had a unique texture and I will say I think I preferred it to bread. I hope this Red Robin version is just as good.

  4. Joe Cool says:

    I have no idea why anyone would ever buy this.

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