Popeyes Promotes Classic Cajun Wings

It’s football Bowl season and Bowl season is prime time for chicken wings. Last year around this time Popeyes was offering Spiced Packed Wings and years earlier they offered “Spicy Cajun Wings”.  For a limited time, Popeyes is promoting Classic Cajun Wings (which I’m guessing is just a rebranding of Spicy Cajun Wings.  Six Cajun Wings and Buttermilk Dressing for $3.99.  classic-cajun-wings

2 comments on “Popeyes Promotes Classic Cajun Wings

  1. Sandy says:

    Yum! Popeye’s has the best fried chicken and wings are my fav.

  2. ACS says:

    I just got these today and added a biscuit, the cashier asked her manager if the wings come with a biscuit and she said yes. I wonder why it doesn’t say so on that promo poster unless it’s up to the individual store whether or not to include a biscuit. The wings are pretty good!

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