New XL Dual Layer Pepperoni Pizza from Papa John’s

New at Papa John’s is the XL Dual Layer Pepperoni Pizza.  This extra large pizza is topped with pepperoni and another layer of deli-style pepperoni, cheese and Italian Herb seasonings with pizza sauce on hand-tossed original dough.  Priced at $12 and you can add a side of Pepperoni Rolls for $5 more using promo code P7XL12.  Available through July 24th while supplies last.XL Dual Pepperoni Pizza Papa John'sVisit to get details on the “Who You Gonna Call” Sweepstakes, a chance to win authentic Ghostbusters jumpsuits from the movie and other great prizes as well as learn more about the new Ghostbusters video game. Additionally, customers who purchase a $25 ePapa Card will get a $5 movie certificate from Fandango valid towards any movie ticket at theaters nationwide.

10 comments on “New XL Dual Layer Pepperoni Pizza from Papa John’s

  1. MP says:

    Will I turn green after eating that pizza, too?

  2. Joe says:

    Crappy pizza to promote a crappy movie

  3. Johnnyboy says:

    I tried this with anchovies, was great, they forgot to keep the other deli pepperoni on it. Anyways, a great deal for $12, XL pizza.

  4. Joe says:

    I still can’t get past Papa Johns’ sauce. It reminds me of the stuff that came in the Lunchable pizzas.

    • Johnnyboy says:

      I never notice that, cause I order only when I am half drunk and dipping in garlic sauce makes me forget it is kind sweet. But I know what you mean, it tastes like Joe Corbi’s fundraiser pizza sauce.

      • Ryan D says:

        The sauce is kept in plastic containers and put in the walk-in at night. There’s a good chance that if your Papa John’s has had a slow few days, the sauce is 2+ days old.

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