New Truffle Bacon Cheeseburger and Bacon Truffle Fries from Wendy’s

GrubGrade reader Paul sent over a menu board picture from a Wendy’s in Billerica, MA which is offering a new burger called the Truffle Bacon Cheeseburger.  The new burger features a few brand new ingredients to the Wendy’s menu… truffle aioli, truffle parmesan cheese sauce, and a croissant bun.  Priced at $4.99 for the burger alone or $7.09 for the combo.  Bacon Truffle Fries are also available at this location.  We’ll keep you posted on a potential wide release.

Wendys Truffle Bacon Cheeseburger

64 comments on “New Truffle Bacon Cheeseburger and Bacon Truffle Fries from Wendy’s

  1. Steve says:

    Looks like there’s some other cheese on there. Wonder what it is. Would be nice if Wendy’s would have included that in their little list of ingredients.

  2. Popeytis says:

    For a joint that struggles with the basic french fry, one would imagine the word “truffle” should just honestly read as “rancid truffle-less oil” and save the embarrassment. Their ad campaign seeks to find those craving dat truffle butter.

    • Peter says:

      What’s wrong with Wendy’s fries?

      • holly says:

        I agree Peter! of all fast food joints I easily vote Wendy’s as the best.

      • Brian says:

        Everything. Do you even remember their old fries? They were perfect.

        • Bubbsy says:

          They stopped selling them because people don’t prefer them. They were thick cut, limp, and pasty. People who like potato wedges tend to like “steak fries” style, which are incidentally the least popular type of french fry. Nothing wrong with that though, it’s nice that no matter what type of fry you like – you can probably find it somewhere. I’m a waffle-fry fan myself, so I know what it’s like to enjoy the uncommon.

      • CC says:

        Wendys fries are pretty terrible. I’d say easily among the worst of any fast food place.

        They are like potato shaped napkins. I usually pitch them if I eat at Wendys if I can’t get a substitute.

        Similarly, the burgers were better before they switched to “hot n juicy”, and the buns were better before they switched to the new ones. Pretty much every change they’ve made for the last decade has been reducing quality…

        • doctorx0079 says:

          I disagree. Bring back the W Burger!

        • Peter says:

          Eh, I like the now natural cut lightly salted fries better than the old ones. Lightly salted natural cut. Same with the burgers — now the patties are thick and fit on the bun properly instead of the very thin patties with edges that hung way over the bun. And now the buns are buttered and toasted. And they have better pickles now.

  3. Johnnyboy says:

    That looks scrumptious, hopefully it comes here soon in my area. I wish they would bring this back soon.

  4. Dan says:

    Sadly what they are using isn’t probably real truffles in the aioli or cheese sauce, or if they are, it’s such a miniscule amount that you wouldn’t notice. Real truffles sell for anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000/lb, so to price a burger at $5 that includes truffles as an ingredient would be a major profit loss.

    • Steve says:

      Well yes it is certainly truffle oil. but hey in a $5 burger I appreciate them simply trying.

    • Truffle Imposter says:

      Dan is the internet idiot of the day.

      Nobody would ever think a fast food restaurant would ever use real truffles. The fact you have to even call that out shows how pathetic you are and lets your inner troll shine.

      • Blousey says:

        He’s not stupid. In fact he’s more correct than you, idiot: “such a miniscule amount you wouldn’t notice”, he said. The truffle extract that goes into “truffle oil” is made from truffles, albeit a “miniscule amount” like he said, and wouldn’t really notice any genuine truffle flavor because it’s diluted with other things. Think about shrimp broth. It’s made from shrimp, real flavor extracted from real shrimp and diluted, so that the actual amount of shrimp in the broth is miniscule… it’s just designed to give you the essence. So what he said is exactly right.

        • Not Dan or Blousey says:

          You, Blousey, might as well be Dan. As you are the idiot. Re-read what he said, what others have said, and your said attempt at a response. You are just stretching and making excuses for Dan who could not properly explain himself.

  5. Peter says:

    It’s the best of the big three burger chains, and priced competitively

    • Peter says:

      I’m no Wendy’s apologist, yet you seem dead set against them. Not sure if you got a finger in your chili or something.

      I rarely eat fast food, but if I’m going to spend $5 on a drive thru hamburger, I’ll go to Wendy’s.

      I don’t know of any other significant fast food burger places where I live. No Whataburger or In-N-Out for a few thousand miles. Some Hardees around an hour away.

    • MP says:

      “This isn’t 1997 and there are more than 3 chains for burgers, your comment seems to be the main sticking point of the Wendy’s apologists.”

      We know it isn’t 1997 anymore, but you have to only compare Wendy’s with their only national chain peers: McDonald’s & Burger King. You can’t compare Wendy’s with Steak n Shake, Red Robin, In-n-Out, White Castle, Whataburger, Jack in the Box, etc. You can’t compare different tiers of restaurants or East Coast vs West Coast chains.
      People screaming, “FIVE GUYS IS SO MASSIVELY SUPERIOR TO WENDY’S!!!” or “kfc sux, Cluckin’ Chicken on 16th & Madison St so much better” is a false analogy with different variables of fast food & fast casual.
      Yes I know Wendy’s is fast food crap. But of the Big Three of fast food crap, they’re usually the best.

      • Barnaby says:

        So you tell everyone why their opinion is invalid, then you say Wendy’s is “usually the best.” At what? Price? Cleanliness? Portion size? Food taste? Quality? Your comment is even more empty, ambiguous, and irrelevant than the people you criticize.

      • MP says:

        Apparently Barnaby needs everything explained to them. Is it really that hard to figure out? Price & value, taste, concept. We all know what the products are in question.

      • Panfry says:

        Pray tell – why would it make you so upset that someone would say they prefer 5 guys to Wendy’s? Not a “false analogy” – Same product (Wendy’s Dave’s single cheeseburger 28g protein, just like 5 guys “little cheeseburger”), essentially same price ($4.50), same concept (fast food)…. Maybe take a breath, nobody’s “screaming” anything, it’s all in your head. Are you OK?

  6. Sandy says:

    Why would I buy this when Red Robin has their basic but really, really good cheeseburger for $6.99 with unlimited fries served by waitstaff on real plates? I bet Dave is rolling over in his grave right about now.

    • Peter says:

      Are you seriously comparing eating at a fast food restaurant to eating in a sit-down restaurant? Add another 25-30% for tax and tip, and spend an hour waiting to order & get food & pay bill… picking up a great burger from the drive thru sounds pretty good to me.

    • Detective French Fry says:

      I love me some red robin but there is no way this isn’t a red robin plant. No way. Either that or a crazy person

    • rick says:

      I’ve never understood what’s so great about real plates, people cite that for places like Red Robin and Panera as something that makes them better. I guess if you have to resort to being amazed that a place serves their sandwich or burger on an honest to goodness plate, the food couldn’t really be that great. What counts to me is the food, I won’t pay an extra two or three dollars for mediocre food just because it’s on a plate from Costco, I will pay two or three more dollars for food that is good to great, even if it comes wrapped in cellophane. Such a weird thing to even mention.

    • Barnaby says:

      Depends on 5 things: A) How far do you want to drive to get your burger, B)How long do you want to wait for your burger, C) Do you tip your waitress, D) Which fries do you like better, E) Which burger do you like better… (I never mind answering rhetorical questions).

  7. Neal says:

    Apparently the sauce does have real truffle in it. We tried it last night and it is delicious. The cheese is Asiago. Great effort on Wendy’s part. More savory tasting than Smashburgers truffle Swiss burger.

    • doctorx0079 says:

      How is that apparent? Glad you like it. I’ll have to give it a try.

    • ahecht says:

      I really doubt that any sort of actual truffle has come anywhere near the Billerica Wendy’s. I’m sure the burger contains lots of real “truffle oil”, aka “middle-class ketchup”, an artificial concoction of canola or olive oil with 2,4-dithiapentane added for truffle flavor.

  8. MP says:

    SPAM79, I think you posted this in the wrong article. That belongs in the Burger King articles.

    • SPM79 says:

      No I am in the right article, I just see Wendy’s for what it is unlike the apologists for the sinking chain

      • doctorx0079 says:

        I love Steak ‘n’ Shake but many GrubGrade readers don’t have a Steak ‘n’ Shake nearby. Similarly there is no In ‘N’ Out, Shake Shack, Cook-Out or Whataburger in my neck of the woods. I would love to try any of those, especially Cook-Out. The big three have far, far, far more locations than the others. They also have much larger revenue overall. I think this is slipping with BK though.

      • Nick says:

        Now you’re just trying to save face and pretend you didn’t post in the wrong article. So transparent.

      • MP says:

        SPAM79, did Wendy’s run over your dog, or do you live in Maryland? I’ve been coming to this site for years & the consensus is that BK is generally garbage, a rip-off, extremely gimmicky & easily the worst by far of the Big Three. Wendy’s biggest problems seems to be with inconsistent prices & execution with their complex LTO burgers.
        Put Wendy’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s in a versus taste test of their core products:
        1/4lb burger
        Double cheeseburger
        Value cheeseburger
        Premium & value chicken sandwiches
        Fish (when Wendy’s has it)
        McD would likely win with fries & nuggets, while Wendy’s would top everything else. Nobody ever said McDonald’s has great burgers. They’re adequate, while BK’s are thin, tiny, dried out, & cold. Wendy’s fries are probably the worst, and ruined what were great fries. BK’s problem with chicken & fish is they keep changing it constantly, be it the filet, the bun, shape. While the Filet-o-Fish is great, it’s almost $4 & that’s way too much for such a tiny product. I think we can all agree that Burger King has the worst buns, by far.
        I don’t know if Wendy’s receipt surveys are common everywhere, but I always get premium sandwiches $2 off for $2-$3.

        • doctorx0079 says:

          BK’s Big Fish used to be great! About 5 years ago.

        • Blousey says:

          -“I’ve been coming to this site for years & the consensus is that BK is generally garbage…” LOL, get ahold of the guy who thinks that people who spend their time writing their opinions on a fast food blog are in any way representative of the market.

        • Sascha says:

          “Put Wendy’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s in a versus taste test of their core products:
          1/4lb burger
          Double cheeseburger
          Value cheeseburger
          Premium & value chicken sandwiches
          Fish (when Wendy’s has it)

          1/4 lb burger – Wendy’s tastes like the highest quality beef of the 3, but never seems to be seasoned, and the new buns tend to fall apart. BK’s still tastes very familiar, not as good as it once was, but still tasty. Not really digging the flavor of the McDonald’s beef. I’ll say 1)BK 2)Wendy’s 3)MD

          Double Cheeseburger – Honestly, I’d give this category to BK too if we include the Stacker, but you said basic double cheeseburger. McDonalds’ seems to be tiny in comparison to the other too, and for some reason, the smaller patties at Wendy’s have more flavor than the larger ones. 1) Wendy 2)BK 3)MD

          Value Cheeseburger – Don’t tend to get them from any of them as long as Rally’s is open, but I’d rank them the same as the doubles, 1)Wendy 2)BK 3)MD

          Premium Chicken – There’s obviously a lot of choices here, considering BK has the Original and Tendercrisp, Wendy’s has the homestyle and the spicy and all three offer a grilled version. To me it’s 1)BK Tendercrisp 2)Wendy Spicy 3)MD grilled 4) Wendy homestyle 5) BK grilled 6) MD Buttermilk 7) Wendy grilled 8) last by a mile, BK Original

          Value Chicken – Only one has an edible value chicken and it’s the McChicken 1)MD 2)Wendy 3)BK

          Nuggets – Wendy’s with a slight edge because of the spicy opetion, but basically even with MD. BK would only be competitive if including chicken fries 1)Wendy 2)MD 3)BK

          Fish – Wendy’s is ok, Bk’s is edible, MD’s is not.

          Fries – Probably give a slight edge to Wendy’s, MD’s fries go limp very quickly. Again, like the nuggets, BK fries are worthless trash.

          So, for me, out of your 7 categories, Wendy’s took 4, but BK took the 2 premium categories.

        • MP says:

          Blousey, why don’t you F-off & go troll another site? You’re nothing but a pest here & you add nothing to the convos. Sick of reading your garbage, you troll.

        • Blousey says:

          So you’re saying you disagree with my sentiment? I may be a little snarky in the comment, I guess I’m sorry I made you feel badly, no emotional harm intended. What is it that you disagree with – what I said is pretty much common sense.

  9. Johnnyboy says:

    I wish they would bring back the MUSHROOM and CHEDDAR MELT Hamburger.

  10. Mike Risdonte says:

    I had it and it was amazing !

  11. Peter says:

    I’m surprised they aren’t testing this in Columbus, Ohio. Restaurants test SO many things here (and it’s the home of Wendy’s).

  12. Jorge says:

    I just have to say it was one of the best fast food burgers I’ve ever had. I had it at my local Wendy’s in Chandler AZ.

  13. Matt Brown says:

    Did Wendy’s switch to greenleaf lettuce from iceberg or is the picture a big liar?

    • ahecht says:

      It was more of a salad mix (baby green) than a green-leaf lettuce. Same stuff they’ve had in their specialty LTO burgers for a while.

  14. Sarah says:

    I love Wendy’s!!!! My store in KY has them on the menu. Tried the truffle fries and they were good. I’m a salt lover and they were salty so if you aren’t I would pass! They put too much cheese on my order so they got soggy but I will order again.

  15. ahecht says:

    I decided to drive over to Billerica tonight to try the burger and fries. You do definitely smell Parmesan as soon as you open the box. The truffle aioli and cheese sauce were mixed together and basically tasted like a very VERY salty alfredo sauce with a hint of “truffle” oil. That said, it was a very good burger, with the acid of the tomatoes countering all the salt.

    That said, the fries were almost inedible. The very salty alfredo sauce mixed with the salty Parmesan flakes, salty bacon crumbles, and salty fries made the whole dish WAY too salty. And this is coming from someone that likes salt! Maybe if I asked for it to be made with fries that had no salt added…

  16. KanM says:

    We are all truffle butter munchers on this blessed day.

  17. Tyler says:

    Was certaintly pleased with this burger. Highly recommend everyone try it.

  18. Chris Webber says:

    had this burger this afternoon in downtown crossing, boston – one of the best burgers i’ve ever had from wendys. the spring mix style greens killed it (and held up with the heat!), the tomato was there for lightness and some sweet, and the sauce was great. besides the sauce, the croissant roll had to be the killer – flaky but dense, and really good, really soft. absolutely delicious.

  19. doctorx0079 says:

    This needs to go national dammit!!!

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