New Texas Pete Wings from Church’s Chicken

Starting today, Church’s Chicken will be offering new Texas Pete Wings.  These bone-in fried chicken wings are dusted with peppery Texas Pete seasoning and will be available through February 7th while supplies last.Texas Pete WingsThere’s a five-piece meal with fries and a honey-butter biscuit or a 20-piece Texas Pete Family Wings meal also available.

11 comments on “New Texas Pete Wings from Church’s Chicken

  1. Justin says:

    These were available as tenders here in TX for a while this fall. I thought they were rather tasty 🙂

    • JF says:

      This may be a new introduction to their standard chicken as they had these in tender form here in Colorado since early October, 2015 (most likely earlier) as well. It was the first time I had Church’s chicken and thought these were great.

  2. raiders757 says:

    Dang, I love me some Texas Pete, but the only place to find a Church’s Chicken in my neck of the woods is either deep in the ghetto or on a military base. Not a single one in all the seven cities in my region is located in a safe neighborhood. It’s just not worth the risk of being robbed or shot just to get some fried chicken. Bummer.

    • Robert says:

      Don’t they have a drive thru? The employees aren’t gonna shoot you. I go to the south side of Chicago for my Church’s.

      • raiders757 says:

        Yes, they do have a drive-thru, but it’s several miles away and I would pass by a couple of Popeye’s, several KFC’s, two Chick-Fil-A’s, a Farm Fresh that makes outstanding fried chicken, and a Zaxby’s. None of which forces me to take the risk of a mugging, car jacking, being offered crack, harassed by freaky male hookers, beggars, and general freaks. It may not be Chicago, but this particular part of the city is notoriously bad. I’m not even sure I would trust the food.

        • Jonathan Wayne says:

          I wouldn’t have made it any further than the Chick fil A to be honest, my car would instinctively turn in there. Zaxby’s is meh, Raising Cane’s blows it out of the water.

        • JF says:

          I hope your over exaggerating about the safety in where you live / pass through but having seen many of your posts unfortunately I don’t think you are.

          Regardless, not sure how a drive thru would make things any safer since you’re pretty much a sitting duck while waiting for your food.

          But the real point, which many people here seem to overlook, is that if you have other options that are more convenient, and typically provide a better and/or cheaper product, then that’s where you’ll go.

          If you have the opportunity to try these definitely give them a go. Not worth getting shot, mugged, car jacked or raped over, but pretty damn good! 😉

    • Jonathan Wayne says:

      50/50 chance you go to a Church’s or a Popeye’s you aren’t going to make it out alive or with your car or wallet. lol

    • Jay says:

      Yep, daytime hours in the drive-thru. Love some church’s

    • Bubbsy says:

      Come on people, stand up straight, show ’em you’ve got a pair. Good god, “the brown people are scary” !! Are you gonna eat the goddamn chicken or is the chicken gonna eat you?

      • Raiders757 says:

        Nobody implied that “brown people” were even involved. It’s also not about “scary people” booga booga. It’s called playing the odds, and convenience. Why should one inconvenience themselves by driving out of the way to an area filled with degenerate scum, no matter their race, for some cheap fried chicken? Would you swim with great white sharks without a cage?

        It’s called risk vs. reward. I have a license to carry a firearm to defend myself, but I am also smart enough not to purposely put myself in a situation where I might have to do so. Church’s Chicken is not enough of a reward for the possible risks involved. Not only that, but when someone like myself travels to that part of town, no matter the time of day, it raises the eyebrows of the local police precinct. When the police see someone like myself rolling into that part of town with a sporty car and Raiders emblems all over it, they don’t think I’m there for fried chicken.

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