New Mozziago Pizza from Little Caesars

Here’s another test item from Little Caesars that was brought to my attention by GrubGrade reader Justin in Nashville, Tennessee. ¬†It’s the new Mozziago Pizza which features pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, sweet basil, a swirl of Alfredo sauce and a toasted asiago-parmesan crust. ¬†Priced at $7 during the test promotion.MozziagoMozziago

21 comments on “New Mozziago Pizza from Little Caesars

  1. Sascha says:

    Yeah, I’d nosh this one too. Wouldn’t mind though if they added a buck or two to the price and made it a Deep Dish.

  2. Daniel says:

    Noam this sounds awesome. Sounds like a calorie bomb though.

  3. Robert says:

    Okay, this looks way better than the smokehouse pizza. Not bad, LC. But I love their sauce, so I’m not sure if I’d make this a regular purchase.

  4. JJJ says:

    It would be nice if they put toppings on the whole pizza instead of half of it.

  5. MP says:

    Accidentally put this comment in the other LC review – Mozzarella and Alfredo do NOT belong together, nothing authentic about this pizza.

    • Sascha says:

      Wait, so there are authentic pizzas that combine basil, Alfredo and Asiago crust, but with no mozzarella? Interesting, never knew that. I’ll stick with Mozzarella though, goes great with Alfredo, authenticity be damned!

    • AK says:

      dude, no one is going to little caesars for authentic anything

    • PT says:

      What do you guys all think gets the most “If I wanted a REAL ______, I’d go to my local store. This fast food item on a fast food blog isn’t authentic” comments?

  6. Jay Melo says:

    Looks good but they need to start the toppings closer to the edge. Too much bare crust. Needs a new name and a side of marinara for dipping.

  7. Johnnyboy says:

    Now that looks somewhat tasty and sounds interesting, I had given up on this company for the last 2 months!

  8. Josh says:

    Any specific location in Nashville? Driving through and was going to try and pick one up?

  9. John W says:

    I will definitely give this one a chance. Alfredo sauce seems like an odd addition to a pizza, but since’s it’s described as “a swirl”, it probably won’t be the deciding factor in my decision to go back for another one.

  10. Pizza Hut says:

    Little Caesars is like a generic supermarket frozen pizza.

    Someone please tell me why you think otherwise.

    Cheap? Yes. Edible? I suppose so. Worthwhile, Nah!

    • Manda says:

      They make the dough daily. Sauce is made daily. Cheap? Yes. Frozen supermarket? Not so much. I understand competition, but that’s rather unprofessional, don’t you think?

    • guam says:

      This is like complaining about misogyny with the screenname “BigTits4Eva69.” You are not going to be taken seriously.

  11. Justtin says:

    @Josh I picked this one up in Spring Hill, suburb about 20 miles south of Nashville. I’ve seen it mentioned on other LC Facebook pages around so I think most if not all in the area have it.
    It was very good. The best pizza I’ve had from LC. I love their deep dish too. Couldn’t tell there was any Alfredo though, either they forgot it, or its swirled under the cheese and mixes in with the marinara.
    It was nothing like their normally bland pizzas, highly recommend it.

  12. Darrell Martinsen says:

    I wish I had never known about this since you can’t get it in Ohio! Looks awesome!

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