New Mini Pancakes from Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s breakfast menu has seen a good number of changes over its short lifetime. ┬áThe latest entry to the menu… Mini Pancakes. ┬áThis new item was spotted by GrubGrade reader Josh in Toledo, Ohio (test market) and they’re priced at $1 for 5 Mini Pancakes.Taco Bell Mini PancakesMini Pancakes Taco Bell

22 comments on “New Mini Pancakes from Taco Bell

  1. Alek says:

    It going be frozen pre-made pancakes. YAWN! BORING! I’ll save my money and drive to Trader Joe’s and get a pack of 32 mini pancakes in the freezer section for $1.99 and it is organic to boost

    • Snowy says:

      Organic is a sham, Trader Joe’s is a name drop, and if you’re on the road these sound like a tasty treat for breakfast. Get over yourself.

    • Johnnyboy says:

      Organic is crap. Trader Joes is for hipsters snd dumb millenials.

      • Bubbsy says:

        I agree with Johnnyboy – eating is overrated, food is stupid, grocery stores are for suckers and morons, anybody found in one is a mindless drone programmed by corporations to purchase things they don’t actually enjoy.

    • Vincento says:

      Trader Joe’s is just house-brand generic crap with their own packaging. Organic? Almost everything we eat is organic. They just did a good job fooling you thinking you’re getting something SPECIAL. LOL @ eating garbage for free.

  2. Esther says:

    I don’t even care how they taste, I would buy them because they look tiny and adorable!

  3. holly says:

    mer…love their breakfast options but how do they think pancakes fit in with the tex mex branding? oh taco bell, stop trying so hard.

  4. Bubbsy says:

    I may not bother with the pancakes if they’re pre-fab microwaved, but I’m a fan of TB’s dollar breakfast items – their little $1 brekkie burritos are better than what McDos puts out due to the grilling and the fillings… love the fried taters.

  5. Snackeroo says:

    Jack in the Box and Taco Bell sharing the same supply of mini pancakes?

  6. Vincento says:

    Mini pancakes? OH WHAT A MEXICAN DELICACY.

  7. Long says:

    How to make pancakes more “Taco Bell:”
    Add cinnamon sugar
    Call them Churro Mini Pancakes

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