New Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken from KFC

Thanks to GrubGrade reader Eric for news that a KFC in New Castle, PA is offering a new item called Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken. No details available at the moment, but let us know if you find it at your local KFC.KFC Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken


8 comments on “New Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken from KFC

  1. Esther says:

    Honey mustard bbq leads my train of thought more towards the Carolinas than Georgia, but whatever.

  2. Danno says:

    Must find this….

  3. Will B. says:

    Ugh, mustard… bring back the Nashville Hot Chicken KFC! I ate more at KFC when that was available than I had done for a few years prior.

  4. CulinaryZerg says:

    Another LTO that seems promising. Maybe KFC’s finally on the right trajectory? Sell fried CHICKEN that people actually want to eat, instead of tacky things like Double Down or another Famous (vomit) bowl.

  5. Julie says:

    I’m going to go looking for this tomorrow. I saw “try our new chicken parmesan” on a McDonald’s sign yesterday – I need to go and get that tomorrow too but the McDonald’s where I saw that is an hour away.

  6. BallsMahoney says:

    This leads me to believe it is a nod to Chick Fil-A since their sauce is honey mustard bbq and they are from Georgia…

  7. Julie says:

    I wasn’t able to find this near me yesterday. I looked at two different KFC locations. I’m on the hunt. I live in NE Ohio, not far from the PA border.

  8. Chazon says:

    It seems that right now it is only available in the Mobile, AL and Pittsburgh, PA area.


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