New Flamin’ Hot Fritos Taco and Chili Cheese Fritos Taco from Taco Bell

Here’s a look at what’s testing at select Taco Bell locations in Ohio (thanks @plooneytunes).  It’s the new Flamin’ Hot Fritos Taco and the new Chili Cheese Fritos Taco and they were found at a Taco Bell in Brookville, Ohio (west of Columbus, east of Indianapolis, north of Cincinnati).  Flamin Hot Fritos Taco Chili Cheese Taco BellBoth look to be your standard Taco Bell taco in regular and supreme versions, but using a new Fritos corn chip taco shell.  The regular with seasoned beef, lettuce and cheese is priced at $1.00, while the supreme adds diced tomatoes and reduced-fat sour cream and is priced at $1.39.  We’ll keep you posted on a potential national release.

18 comments on “New Flamin’ Hot Fritos Taco and Chili Cheese Fritos Taco from Taco Bell

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Damn I love me some chili Fritos

  2. Mark says:

    Wow that looks great can’t wait

  3. BBB says:

    Just bring back the fin chili cheese burrito!

  4. Justin ST says:

    All the Doritos Locos tacos are gross and overpriced.

  5. Coulson says:

    Chilli cheese fritos are one of my favorite, yet somewhat hard to find snacks. I will definitely try these if they ever come to CT.

    • Bryan K says:

      If you want Chili Cheese Fritos, come to the south, namely Texas. They are served pretty much everywhere in Texas. Regardless you can still find it at a lot of places in the south anyway.

  6. JF says:

    Chili cheese Fritos tacos! It’s about time!

  7. ChiliCheeseBruh says:

    @BBB… I get 2 chili cheese burritos every time I go to Taco Bell (St Cloud, MN).

    • BBB says:

      Lucky! Here in MI they are nowhere to be found for some reason.

      • Blousey says:

        Sure up in St. Cloud – I agree: lucky! But for the folks where this is being test marketed (OH)…. not so sure I would trade living outside of OH for an opportunity to eat test-market goodies. There was really only one reason ever to go to OH (Cedar Point), and now even that has been overrun by the WorldStarHipHop-types that just can’t bring themselves to behave to even minimal human decency, let alone be among children & families. I suppose having access to test-market foods is some small consolation.

      • Bryce says:

        Odd. I’m in West Michigan and find them easily. Have you tried asking, even if they’re not on the menu?

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  9. Leslie says:

    The Chili Cheese Fritos Taco is amazing, way better than any of the Dorito kind. I had one several months back(last fall) in Sedalia, MO and have not been able to find them anywhere else. Hopefully since they’re still testing them they will eventually be available everywhere.

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