New Extra Long Buttery Cheeseburger and Jalapeño Chicken Fries from Burger King

Thanks to GrubGrade reader Chris for sending over a picture of some new products from Burger King spotted in Minnesota… the Extra Long Buttery Cheeseburger and Jalapeño Chicken Fries.  We’ll keep you posted on a wide release.Jalapeno Chicken Fries

21 comments on “New Extra Long Buttery Cheeseburger and Jalapeño Chicken Fries from Burger King

  1. Javier Moreno says:

    Jalapeno Chicken Fries look racist to me.

  2. Jonathan Wayne says:

    This is going to be so nasty. It works with Jack in the Box because they have quality ingredients from the bun to the patty, but this burger is already nasty and this will just make it even nastier.

  3. Alex K. says:

    It amazes me that anybody would choose to spend money at Burger King. Alright, fine, so you like fast food for one reason or another … you can’t pick better than Burger King?

    Give up, BK.

  4. BigBelly says:

    Only thing that looks good there is the chicken fry package

  5. Justin says:

    Ive spotted the jalapeno chicken fries here in Texas as well 🙂 I will have to try and report back

  6. Bubbsy says:

    Heheh, chicken fry package is a “social justice” time-bomb. Didn’t we just have mobs of offended bedwetters rioting and demanding expulsions and firing of professors at a college lately because some students dared to wear black mustaches and sombreros for a Mexican-themed party? Something something cultural appropriation racism something.

    • Javier Moreno says:

      What’s funny about racism? Changing the Chicken Fries packaging to include elements of Hispanic culture does nothing to promote the product in any way. It is simply a cheap racist imagery that provides BK exactly 0 greater appeal. Cultural appropriation would be the same bird wearing a sombrero and playing the guitar. Don’t give the bird thicker eyebrows and a mustache.

      • Bubbsy says:

        Wouldn’t be funny if there was actually racism here, don’t be foolish. What’s funny is folks like you trying to *claim* that the packaging is racist. Spicy jalapeno type flavor is associated with latino cuisine, and a latino-inspired variation on the logo isn’t any hostility or denigration toward a race or culture. So the chicken logo for these has a sombrero and moustache like a mariachi. I wonder if you also believe the Juan Valdez character that is the mascot for Colombian coffee is also racist because it depicts a South American farmer (with a mule no less)? Think it over and get back to us.

      • Long says:

        You know what is also cultural appropriation? Taco Bell.

        • Blousey says:

          And McDonalds. (The “Mc” is stereotypically Scottish or Irish, so it’s racist to call the restaurant that)

        • Amanda says:

          The original logo for taco bell was a man sleeping under a sombrero. It was changed shortly after the original owner sold the company. People felt it depicted Mexicans as being “lazy”.

  7. MP says:

    So they’re going to brush the bun with (imitation) butter. Trying to take a page from Culver’s but with a crap product. It will be mediocre.

  8. Chris says:

    I will say this, it was the messiest burger ice ever had. It wasn’t awful though

  9. Sascha says:

    I’m a sucker for those burgers, they certainly make better use of the buns than the chicken sandwich does. I happen to have a couple BK’s in town that still tend to throw edible food out the drive through at me (could be the noticable lack of juggalos?) so the Buttery burger sounds somewhat intriguing. But only if it’s an actual flavorful buttery spread like what I imagine the JiTB burgers are, and not simply butter on the bun.

  10. Snackeroo says:

    Please stop with the extra long!

  11. ThatCrazyLady says:

    The butteryness is a sauce thats put on the patties before the cheese. Its not bad just more garlic butter than just buttery. Its almost like the garlic dipping sauce from papa johns level garlic.

    • M. Logan says:

      Sounds awesome, frankly. And the chicken fry box pictured above is “cutesy marketing” and clearly identifiable as such, not “racist”. Idiots.

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