New Cheesy Core Burritos from Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s new Cheesy Core Burritos have/had been available in some California locations since back in December.  GrubGrade readers Josh and Andre sent me some info and pictures from a Taco Bell in Toledo, Ohio that is now testing the Cheesy Core Burritos as well.Cheesy Core Burrito Taco BellIf you’ve been following the Taco Bell test market trend, you’ll know Toledo, Ohio is an important market that helps dictate a potential national release.  There are two versions of Cheesy Core Burritos, the Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito and the Crunchy Cheesy Core Burrito.  The burritos look sort of like a reversed version of the Quesarito to me.  Construction-wise it looks to be a flour tortilla, seasoned beef outer layer, then premium latin rice, and a Cheesy Roll-Up-style center.  The Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito has jalapeño peppers in its cheesy core which looks to be made up of nacho cheese sauce (possibly includes a three-cheese blend/creamy jalapeño sauce).Spicy Cheesy Core Taco BellThe Crunchy Cheesy Core Burrito would be the same outer layers as mentioned above, but with its Cheesy Core consisting of nacho cheese sauce and crunchy red tortilla strips (possibly three-cheese blend too).  The seasoned beef version is priced at $1.99, chicken for $2.79, and steak for $2.99.  We’ll keep you posted on any word on a national release.Crunchy Cheesy Core Taco Bell

9 comments on “New Cheesy Core Burritos from Taco Bell

  1. Alex K. says:

    Taco Bell loves rolling out “new” items that are reimaginings of things either already on the menu or stuff that was already a limited time offer.

    • Bubbsy says:

      It’s fast food tacos and burritos man, they have heaps of varieties of sauces, meats, starches, toppings that go into countless different crispy/soft/chewy shells and bowls. Maybe they should change it up with some burgers? Or lasagna?

  2. Robert says:

    Taco Bell really loves putting a tortilla inside a tortilla. This should be far less doughy than the 5 layer, since the inner tortilla will be much smaller, so that’s good. But I can picture getting completely screwed on the cheese inside 50% of the time with these.

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  4. Blousey says:

    So, a standard burrito but with less filling and they just give you twice as much tortilla to chew through? Taco bell tortillas are fine for what they are – a thin starchy shell – but I can’t imagine they should be trying to make a burrito fatter by rolling extra tortillas into it.

  5. Axel says:

    A Jucy Lucy burrito? Sold.

  6. Kevin Desai says:

    so its a burrito inside of a burrito…fast food Inception

  7. N/A says:

    I can’t be the only one who thought fast food, Mexican American maki/kimbap?

  8. CS says:

    What are the chances of getting a cheesy core quesarito?

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