New Cheesy Chalupa Crunch from Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s Cheesy Gordita Crunch is easily one of the best products on the menu so any offshoot of the original is going to grab my interest.  The latest is the Cheesy Chalupa Crunch and it was spotted by Nathan in Texas.  Priced at $2.49, the Cheesy Chalupa Crunch makes two changes from the original by using a Chalupa shell instead of the Gordita for the outside layer, and nacho cheese sauce in between the crunchy taco shell and Chalupa instead of the 3-cheese blend.  We’ll keep an eye out for any potential national release.Cheesy Chalupa Crunch

10 comments on “New Cheesy Chalupa Crunch from Taco Bell

  1. hotin says:

    this looks incredible, wow

  2. BBB says:

    Don’t know if everyone else has this at their taco bell but on the app they have something called the “favorites box” or something like that. Its $5 for a burrito supreme, cheesy gordita crunch, taco, nachos and cheese, and medium pop. This is like $10 worth of food. Best deal ever!

    • Dan says:

      That $5 box (in MN at least) is known as the Cravings Deal and is available in-store. I’ve gotten lucky a couple of times and gotten a large drink with this deal.

    • Ric says:

      That $5 faves is the best deal Taco Bell has ever had! The burrito Supreme and cheesy Gordita Crunch alone are a little over $5. For a little less you get them with a taco, chips and cheese, and a medium drink.

      • Aaron says:

        Use the app to change the cruncy taco to a DLT and add on the 10% off coupon that the app has…best deal ever. If you walk in the store instead of go through the drive thru they pretty much always give you a large drink. That has been my experience at least.

  3. ahecht says:

    Because the one thing the 500-calorie Cheesy Gordita Crunch needed was to be deep fried and have the real cheese replaced with cheese goo.

  4. Seria says:

    If you’re that concerned about the healthiness of the food, perhaps taco bell isn’t the eatery for you. They aren’t exactly know for their health food.

  5. BoJangles says:

    Dear God, YES! A million times YES. I crave the Nacho cheese gordita so much. Yes, I know I can customize it – but do you realize how much more expensive that is? Since 45c for some nacho cheese is ridiculous.. but so delicious.. At least with this, it’ll be close.

    If they bring back the taquitos (rolled chicken taco as some prefer) I’ll be at TB every day and die happy.

  6. Coulson says:

    After the epic disappointment that was the Quesalupa….I’m hesitant to get my hopes up for this one, but it does sound good.

    • doctorx0079 says:

      Is the Quesalupa officially dead now or what? If so can we assume it failed? I didn’t like the one I ate.

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