New Carved Turkey & Bacon Sub from Subway

New from Subway is the Carved Turkey & Bacon Sub which is available starting today.  This sandwich features all white meat, thick-cut Carved Turkey that contains no artificial preservatives/flavors/preservatives and is topped with new Applewood smoked bacon.  The new sandwich has a recommended price of $5.25 for a 6-inch sandwich and $8.75 for the Footlong.

subway carved turkey

The nutritional info for the 6″ sub with 9-grain wheat, American cheese, spinach, tomatoes, regular mayo and bacon comes out to 560 calories, 26 grams of fat, 7 grams of saturated fat, 1610 milligrams of sodium, 44 grams of carbs, 5 grams of fiber, 7 grams of sugar, and 33 grams of protein.


22 comments on “New Carved Turkey & Bacon Sub from Subway

  1. M-Logan says:

    Subway’s meats in general are so nasty fake, I rarely go there. This “looks” good, if it is in fact legit meat. May hafta try it.

  2. Patrick Bateman says:

    Geez, what happened to $5 footlong??? I guess it’s coming back when Jared gets out of prison.

  3. Dank meme bro says:

    Subway is playing a dangerous game with these prices, I always thought of subway as the “I only have $5 and don’t want little cesears” not this premium sandwich shop charging $8.

    I know not everyone has a Jimmy John’s or other places, but I’d rather goto a pizza shop and get a sandwich.

  4. Matt says:

    I might be the only one that still likes Subway. I’m also a veggie freak so my sandwiches essentially wind up being a large salad on a bun with a bit of their usual weak meat…….

  5. Bubbsy says:

    Had them do it up southwest style with the SW sauce, avocados & black olives. As with all Subway sandwiches, it tasted exactly like you think it would, pretty good though – the turkey wasn’t just their normal lunchmeat sliced thicker, ha.

    • Raiders757 says:

      Low budget turkey loaf sliced thick, is still low budget turkey loaf. Like others have said. For that price we all might as well go to a mom & pop shop and get something ten times better for the same price point.

      • Blousey says:

        How is the low budget turkey loaf that the local “mom & pop shop” any better than this for the same price? The lunchmeat suppliers are the same. You can find the same lunchmeat from the “mom & pop” as you find in the sandwiches in the gas station cooler. At least this Subway meat is a step up and is all white meat. I’m always wary of shallow & ignorant people who automatically romanticize something just because it’s a struggling “mom & pop” shop, or poo-poo a business just because it is successful. McDonalds and Walmart were a “mom & pop shop” before they brought in some business leadership and made them actually successful.

        • MP says:

          Everybody knows once they graduate from being a mom & pop shop into a million to billion dollar corporation, every single corner can & will be cut. You cannot tell me with a straight face that in a taste test, Subway would actually beat out local shops. Subway is notoriously cheap on the meats & that food sits out all day. Wasn’t Subway’s bread known for having chemicals they use in yoga mats & shoes?
          It’s better to support your local economy than keep making billionaires with an inferior product richer. Around here, every single small pizza joint is vastly better than any chain pizza – price & quality.
          Sometimes the ingredient suppliers are the same, but in the end it’s about execution.
          Why do you have to troll so much?

  6. Laine says:

    The footlong is $10.00 in my tiny town in Indiana! And $6.25 for the 6 inch. That’s crazy.

    • LAINE says:

      Subway is so overrated and I haven’t eaten there in years and will never eat there again.

      But a foot long is not $10.00 anywhere. If you are going to make such an absurd claim provide proof.

      I don’t know what is worse. You are a troll or live in Indiana.

  7. Sandy says:

    For $9 I would go to a legit, independent sub shop for a far better sammie.

  8. Matt says:

    WOAH!!! Just saw that this sandwich is pretty much $9?!?!?! Like I said earlier….I don’t mine Subway but that’s because for $6 in a pinch I’m getting something with a ton of veggies, a sauce and a bit of mediocre meat and it fills me up big time…….. If I’m spending $9 I’ll get a nice takeout sub from the local mom and pop store……. Subway….you screwed up.

  9. Elise says:

    $8.75 for a subway?!?!?! This product sounds good but I just can’t justify paying this price for sub-standard quality ingredients when I can go to a local place and get a much better sandwich with fresh local ingredients plus chips and a drink for the same price. Wow.

  10. Tony says:

    Can anyone confirm if this is good tasting, quality bacon?

    • Tony G says:

      Hey Tony. I had it the other day for lunch with my dad (split one). We did something different. Sometimes they put the bacon down on top the meat and the cheese on top, and they toast it. Usually the cheese is the only thing that bubbles and the bacon is still kinda soft. We asked the lady to put the bacon on the turkey and the cheese on the other side of the bread by itself and toast it. We got it out and the bacon was actually a little more crispier. Overall the sandwich was quite good.

    • Smrick says:

      Had it and wasn’t too impressed. Tasted like like a cold turkey sandwich after 5 days after thanksgiving. So it tasted like meat atleast I guess…Just old and dry.

  11. Jonathan Wayne says:

    I was impressed with the rotisserie chicken sub so I will try this one also. Luckily I have a Subway text coupon for a footlong one of these for $6. Subway realized it needed to step it up to compete and it seems they are doing so, I will give them credit for that.

  12. Bubbsy says:

    They use the same old cold flavorless thinly sliced fast food bacon as with all other sandwiches.

  13. T.J. says:

    Got this yesterday with cucumbers, green peppers, mozzarella cheese and sweet onion sauce on honey oat bread. Also added pepperoni. I really liked it. The sweet onion sauce was a great addition and I enjoyed the heartier, “real” texture to the turkey.

  14. Scrape says:

    Holy Salt Bomb!

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