New Boss Burritos from Taco Bell

Thanks to @ThornInvasion on Twitter for the heads-up on new Boss Burritos from Taco Bell.  Currently Boss Burritos aren’t a national item and they were spotted in northeast Ohio.  Boss Burritos look to follow in the footsteps of the Boss Wraps that were a national item late last year (review) and feature crispy potatoes, bacon, chipotle sauce, sour cream and a double portion of your choice of Steak/Chicken ($5.99) or Beef ($4.99).Boss Burritos Taco bell

12 comments on “New Boss Burritos from Taco Bell

  1. Dank meme bro says:

    Oh I just saw these just nearby, they are new? I might have to try one then.

  2. Darrell Martinsen says:

    “Served with chips and queso” That’s what I’m most curious about. Queso sounds intriguing, especially since it’s available at all the other major players such as Moe’s, Chipotle, Qdoba etc

    • CC says:

      It’s basically their nacho cheese with little peppers in it.

    • may says:

      it’s probably just the chips and cheese that they already have…you do know queso means cheese right?

      • Darrell Martinsen says:

        It’s actually not just simply the same old nacho cheese or they would call it that. Notice they don’t say “queso” on any of their other menu items.

      • Bubbsy says:

        Yes, we all know queso means cheese, but in case you haven’t left your home in 20 years: in any american or pseudo-Mex restaurant you would ever go to in America – “chips and queso” is chips and nacho cheese sauce mixed with peppers/chilis/salsa. … And by the way, if you order pommes frites at a restraurant, you’re not going to get fried apples.

    • Damon says:

      I’m actually intrigued to hear about what Chipotle you know that serves queso. Unless you are referring strictly to queso as in the shredded cheese you can add to burritos, bowls, etc. Typically, queso as I interpret it is the nacho style melted cheese you can dip chips in, which no Chipotle I know of carries.

  3. CC says:

    This was actually really good! I was surprised, but it’s better than most taco bell offerings. Just wish it was $1-2 cheaper.

  4. T.J. says:

    Taco Bell just recycles the same ingredients…..blah….blah…blaaaaahh.

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